Teva Forebay SKU: 8533607

Hey everybody, my name is Richard from and today we’re looking at Forebay from Teva These sandals are going to keep you roaming the dusty trails or exploring those wet riverbanks with ease they’re built to handle, just about anything nature throws at you the upper is constructed out of the quick drying synthetic material with amazing breathability as you can see you have that nice open construction throughout the top there it’s got a little bit of added toe durability in the front to keep those toes protected really easy on and off here with that hook-and-loop strap across the ankle and this bungee closure right there to keep everything a lot in secure customizable fit it’s got ant-imicrobial protection on the inside to fight away order causing bacteria which is always great with good cushioning in that footbed a thick layer of EVA in that midsole for amazing energy return and that rugged durable rubber outsole down here to keep you steady on that terrain So don’t miss out on these guys, they are from Teva

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