Teva Flip Premier SKU: 8985290

What’s going on? Guys, my name is Jeff from and today I’m here to show you the Flip Premier from Teva Now this sandal is made from a polyester webbing upper, that’s super soft along with this toe post that’s also very soft so you know these are gonna be exceptionally comfortable, when you have these on the footbed here is made from a contoured EVA so that’s gonna provide tons of support and plenty of comfort for all-day wear have a low EVA wedge for added stability and this all sits on top of this lightweight rubber outsole that has plenty of grip to keep you stable throughout the day you know every once in a while, there comes a sandal that makes you wanna do flips this might be one of them and I’m gonna attempt it, so here we go No, I don’t think so, I don’t, to be honest, I don’t know how to do a back flip or a front flip if I did, it would just be like, I would call it a flop flip because I’ll probably flop on my back or my belly and seriously injure myself so I’m glad I didn’t try that, but you should definitely go out and try a pair of these, they’re from Teva

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