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Hey Everyone, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. And I’m back with another deck tech. After my last Top 10 video I remembered that
I had wanted to build a Mono-Blue Commander deck, and that I had a blast building a sealed
deck around Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive. Let’s take a look at our commander. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive is 1 and a blue
for a 1/3 Human Rogue. Her ability is: Creatures you control with
power or toughness, 1 or less can’t be blocked. Seems pretty decent, especially since it means
that she gets in for Commander damage without worrying about being blocked. I will point out that we’re going to try and
stick to a budget friendly build, so let me know if you like this format or not by leaving
a comment and hitting that like button. Now, get ready for Mono-Unblockable Tetsuko. Despite being designed around creatures with
low power or toughness, we’ve got a lot going on here so let’s start off with ways of making
that unblockable damage a bit higher. We’ve got O-Naginata, Throwing Knife and Loxodon
Warhammer to increase the power of our creatures. O-Naginata may be restricted to creatures
that already have power 3 or more, but that won’t be a problem. Throwing Knife is good if your creature is
going to die anyway, just sacrifice it and deal 2 damage to a creature or player of your
choice. And of course Loxodon Warhammer. Giving a creature trample isn’t really that
important in this deck, but giving it lifelink is awesome. This will help keep you alive in the long
game. Next up is Signal Pest and Thunderstaff to
give your attackers a repeatable boost to power. And we have Merfolk Thaumaturgist and Twisted
Image to give us the option to swap a creatures power and toughness. Need a blocker, but only have a creature you’d
attack with. Problem solved. Need a big attack but you only have a blocker. I Gotchu. Twisted Image also gives you a bonus with
extra card draw. Speaking of card draw, we have Bident of Thassa
and Coastal Piracy to keep your hand filled each time your unblockable creatures connect. You’re going to be drawing so many cards with
these two that you’ll need Spellbook, Graceful Adept and Reliquary Tower to make sure you
have no maximum hand size. Eternal of Harsh Truths is in here to give
your opponent a headache. With Tetsuko on board they’ll be taking 1
damage and you’ll draw a card, without Tetsuko they have to make a choice. What’s worse, taking 2 or taking 1 and letting
you draw a card? And with the Thaumaturgist or Twisted Image
you can make their lives more miserable. Keep Watch gets you card draw on your attack,
but it can also get you answers when your opponents attack. Obviously since the biggest impact of the
unblockable ability comes from high power/low toughness creatures we aren’t going to want
to block with them. We are going to need ways of keeping ourselves
alive long enough to finish off our opponents. So to protect ourselves we have Web of Inertia
to keep your opponents from attacking you unless they exile a card from their graveyard. If they do exile cards to be able to attack
we have cards like Blustersquall to tap one or all of their creatures down. Apathy to make them discard if they want to
attack again. Backfire to deter an attack with their big
creature. Your opponent better have more life than you
if they hope to survive their own attack. Lethargy Trap reduces the damage from an alpha
strike by giving all attacking creatures -3/-0, and you can do that for 1 blue mana. Phyrexian Revoker to stop activated abilities
of a named card. Your opponent have a Planeswalker making your
life miserable? The Revoker will turn that big dumb Karn into
a big dumb paper weight. Wall of Vapor can block pretty much anything
your opponent can throw at it. Walking Sponge helps keep you safe by taking
away flying, first strike or trample from a creature your opponent controls, or I guess
one of yours if you really wanted to. The way we get the most out of this deck is
if we have our commander on the battlefield. Being 2 mana means even if she dies we won’t
be held back by commander tax. But the best way to take advantage of her
ability is to keep her safe. To do this we’ve included Alexi’s Cloak and
Swiftfoot Boots to give her shroud and hexproof respectively, with the boots also giving her
haste so she can attack the turn she comes down. We’ve also included a mill subtheme for this
deck. What’s better than killing your opponent with
combat or commander damage? Watching them go to draw from a non-existent
library. So to make that a reality we’ve included Chronic
Flooding, to both stop them from using their most powerful land, and slowly mill them to
death if they decide to use it. Crosstown Courier mills based on damage done,
so it is a great target for Loxodon Warhammer. Riddlekeeper encourages your opponent to really
think through their attacks. Acting like a Ghostly Prison, but paying in
library instead of mana. Coral Fighters lets you scry your opponents
library. Letting you bottom their next potential draw
or maybe just flood them out. We’ve gone with a mix of mill and exile, so
that we can keep things out of the graveyard if we go against a deck like Meren, Karador
or Sidisi. So we’ve got Mist Intruder and Scalpelexis
to exile the top of the library, with Scalpelexis going 4 deep and repeating the process if
2 or more cards share a name. That might sound terrible in a singleton format,
but don’t forget that lands share names. If there are 2 of any basic land type it counts. Rootwater Thief lets you go searching for
a card in your opponents library and then exiles it. Know they have a Craterhoof or an Emrakul
in their deck? Swing in and get rid of it. And lastly we have Graven Abomination to exile
cards from graveyards. What deck would be complete without removal. Of course we have Annul and Counterspell,
but being in blue we’ve opted for bounce as our main form of removal. For targeted removal we have Boomerang, Capsize,
Champion’s Victory and Sweep away. Of course buyback on Capsize makes it expensive
to cast, but don’t underestimate having repeatable bounce effects. Contempt is awesome. Target their most annoying creature and they’ll
have to cast it again if they decide to attack. Commit puts target spell or nonland permanent
second from the top of their library, giving you a reprieve from whatever they were about
to do. Cephalid Constable returns permanents your
opponent controls to their hand based on the damage dealt, so again a great target for
the Warhammer. Going up against an equipment deck, then you’re
going to want Disarm. Unattaching all equipment from target creature. Sorry Nazahn, no hammer for you. Aetherize and Aetherspouts are one sided board
wipes, with Aetherspouts having the added benefit of putting the creatures on the top
or bottom of your opponent’s library. Keeping them from drawing anything new and
recasting everything they worked so hard for. Mirror Match can really be a blowout when
your opponent goes for the alpha strike. Hypnotic Siren can steal their best creature
and gives it a boost and flying. Making it even more dangerous for your opponent
than it was for you. And last is the ever hilarious Illusionist’s
Gambit. Removing all attackers from combat is nice,
but forcing them to attack the other players is just amazing. Love it. Now let’s talk about the creatures we haven’t
already mentioned. We’ve got Silver Myr as an extra source of
mana. Memnite and Hope of Ghirapur are good for
early game, with Hope giving you the ability to stop your opponent from being able to cast
noncreature spells until your next turn. Merfolk Spy gets in early and lets you know
what you’re opponent has in hand. Anvilwrought Raptor, Horizon Drake, Cloud
Spirit and Wicker Witch will take advantage of Tetsuko’s ability. Infiltrator Il-Kor for its suspend cost makes
it’s way into the deck. Having shadow means that even without Tetsuko
on the battlefield you can still get in for 3 damage every turn. We’ve included Master of Waves to make a butt
load of 2/1 elemental tokens, since our devotion to blue is so high. Nimble Obstructionist can be another great
source of unblockable damage with Tetsuko, but you also have the option of cycling it
to counter activated or triggered abilities you’re opponents might be using to their advantage. And last is Ovalchase Dragster. Crew cost of 1 on a 6/1 trample hasty body
makes it an auto include in this deck. I mean it’s not like trample even matters
since it’s going to be unblockable, but still it’s hard to ignore 6 damage. I picture Tetsuko in the driver seat on this
one. Moving on to our Land base. We are mono-blue so we can go a little light
on the specialty land here. If for some reason we aren’t hitting our land
drops we’ve included Thaumatic Compass to help, but mostly because Spires of Orazca
is so awesome to keep any attacks our opponents might have in mind, under control. We’ve also included Ice Floe for the same
reason. Tap a creature and keep it tapped indefinitely. Finish it off with Coral Atoll and 36 islands. Yup, that’s it. I told you we were budget. The best part is that this whole deck is less
than $50 in paper and less than 7tix on Magic Online. If you wanted to upgrade this deck than consider
including Collective Restraint and Propaganda to stop unwanted attacks. Basically the blue versions of Ghostly Prison. Back to Basics since a large portion of commander
decks include non-basics for shenanigans. Lightning Greaves for another way of protecting
Tetsuko. Bloodforged Battleaxe gives us more ways of
boosting the power of our creatures. Over and over and over again. And of course Cyclonic Rift. The ultimate bounce spell. Well that about does it for today. I’d love to hear what you think about this
deck in the comments. If you’ve enjoyed this video please remember
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in the next video.

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