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(gentle music) – [Meg] In 1989, Nike brought
us a new line of shoes with a simple idea, bring
performance athletics to the great outdoors. Nike called it ACG, All Conditions Gear. And in the nearly 30 years
since we were first introduced to icons like the Son of
Lavadome and the Aqua Sock, ACG has come to define
the company’s effort to get urban athletes out of the city and into the outdoors. This is its latest shoe, the
new ACG React Terra Gobe. For the first time, Nike has brought React foam technology to an ACG shoe. We recently traveled
to Oregon’s Mount Hood to put the Gobe through the paces, testing the retooled foam
through sun, rain and snow to see if the Gobe lives
up the the ACG reputation of outdoor performance and good looks. – So Meg, how was it? – The trip was great. We were in Portland and
got to go up to Mount Hood, test out these new shoes
in kind of all conditions, as they are called All Conditions Gear. – Perfect. – We took them through rainy forests, through snow-covered mountains. As you’re driving up Mount Hood, there’s a point where
the trees totally change from very green and lush and beautiful, and then all of a sudden
they’re snow-covered and windblown, and you’re
like, oh, now I’m at the top of a mountain, I’m heading up there. – (laughs) You took a Cat up to the top. You hiked at Silcox, right? – Yeah, we got to the Timberline Lodge, which was where they filmed The Shining, and then we got on Cat
machines and basically went all the way up to Silcox Hut, which I think is at like
7,000 feet, basically. We basically like glamped up there. It’s all bunk rooms. It’s a beautiful
stone-structured building, from what I could see from the inside. The night that we got
there, you could not see more than like two feet
in front of your face. – All right. – So it was very intense, yeah. – Okay, so speaking of
glamping, ACG has become a bit lifestyle. – I can understand why
you would think that. It’s the colors, and
like how loud they are. And it does definitely draw attention to the gear that you’re wearing, and that’s kind of what they want, to advertise for that. – Walk me through some of the features that they’ve added to it. – Yeah, so basically the
newest feature this year is that they added this React foam to the base of the shoe
and so it’s the same foam that we’ve seen in kind
of like the Epic React, which launched early last year, and then the Odyssey
React sneakers as well. – And they retooled that
foam for this shoe, right? – Yeah, so basically what they changed, you can still see the foam
in all the white here. And then they added these two
sticky rubber medial plates up here, which they’re actually labeled, if you look really close,
you can kind of read along the black rubber there at the top, it says, Sticky Rubber– – I love that it’s labeled.
– And then at the bottom, yeah, it’s really helpful. And then at the bottom and
top, the two toe and heel bugs, you can see that it says Hard Rubber. The React foam, it doesn’t
really have much grip to it, so when you’re kind of like
leaping over moss-covered trees and all that– – Which we saw in the film.
– Yes. You might slip, so that’s
why these helped me walk and hike and run, which was great. – And when are they coming out? – April 20th, and they will be $150, last time I checked. – All right, okay, thanks, Meg. – No problem, thanks Eric. (upbeat music)

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