Test des sous vêtements Icebreaker en laine Merinos

Hello everyone, today we have new product test in association with Barrabes as we review technical base layers from Icebreaker, specifically the Oasis models long sleeve half zip and leggings 200. Icebreaker is a top brand from New Zealand that is famous for their products that are made from merino wool. Merino wool has properties that prevent the formation of bacteria which are a source of bad odours. This is a big advantage to keep clothing fresh over the course of multiple days. These specific products were demoed over five consecutive days in the French valley of Chamonix/Zermatt. The base layer garments from Icebreaker are outdoor wardrobe essentials. Icebreaker used to have a problematic reputation in the past as the wool was itchy and very hot. But recently they have had a breakthrough and added a more complete catalog which includes underwear, base layers mid layers, shirts and tights. You can use their garments for a variety of sports such as trail running mountain biking, skiing, and ski touring. Based on the results from this test the long sleeve half zip offers several advantages. It can be used as a base layer for a variety of sports and activities, it is slightly thermal, breathable, and very comfortable The 200g thickness is reasonable and not excessive. The half zip is practical, useful, and has a slim fit. One small negative point that we should mention is that it pills up where the straps of the backpacks are located but my use of it was intensive over the course of two months of testing. This isn’t a big issue but it is something to consider. The second garment tested was the Oasis 200 leggings. I used them primarily as a single layer to stay dry while in the hut after a full day of ski touring or just to sleep in. I also used them as a base layer under pants, during the coldest days, for ski touring and mountaineering and they should also be considered a wardrobe basic. It has an anatomic fit and is not too hot. They also didn’t itch which is a favourable attribute. One small negative aspect is that they aren’t as tight fitting as running tights and can be a bit loose which may take some time getting used to. Icebreaker is the leading brand in the world of base layers and underwear. and an excellent value for their prices. These are definitely two garments that you should have in your wardrobe. Icebreaker has vastly improved their products as now they don’t itch, retain heat well, and can be used for whatever sport or activity you wish. Thank you very much to everyone watching!

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