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65 thoughts on “Tesla Sued by Idiot Millionaire With Too Much Money and Time – Tesla News Recap for Aug 21st, 2017

  1. HELLO, Please clarify that the tax credit $7500 that is not of the total price. Its only a tax credit. Im guessing that they use that gimmick to just sell more cars.

  2. I work as a rep for SolarCity at Home Depot's in Phoenix. I hope they outfit my store with a system. I also hope they fix that outlet they said I could charge my Chevy Volt up.

  3. Hi, I'm a little disappointed that you consider the millionaire a spoiled brat with too much money. I haven't read the article but going by what you've said, he's given Tesla 12 months to fix this! That must be the worst customer service ever! I do like the model s and x but have to be a realist, I wouldn't have waited 12 months before taking action. The size of the tear doesn't matter.

    Great channel otherwise and keep up the good work

  4. And lost respect, for a plus 100k car, there isnt such thing as a no issue. The problem should have been fixed over a weekend. If BMW did this on even 40k car people would go ballistic.

  5. Thanks to everyone that joined me today! Don't forget to get on our email list at so you can submit your question in advance. See you next week!

  6. I look forward to the millionaire getting pwoned in court. It would be nice news in a few years… I hope Elon makes him take them to court and does not try to pay him off.

  7. Our white tesla model s got scratched after taking it to the tesla service location at Fremont. But we didn't sue them because we are not as anal as this millionaire. Tesla fixed the scratches and we were happy with the service.

  8. The tesla connector can handle up to 4 outlets and you can support up to the 72 amp charger for future fast charging. you can run 2 ga wire. A good deal for $500

  9. The power issues in Australia are confined to the state of South Australia whose government thought it would be a great idea to shut down coal-fired power plants, betting big on wind power generation, while having no storage capability. The result was widespread blackouts across the state. This is why I am so glad there are companies like Tesla to step up to the plate, the sheer incompetence of government is limitless.

  10. OnStar is a GM trademark for their proprietary brand of communications/roadside assistance features. Tesla offers similar communications/roadside assistance too, it's just not called OnStar. OnStar does offer an aftermarket version called OnStar FMV that replaces your rear view mirror and gives you some OnStar features. I would compare what you get standard with Tesla before considering OnStar FMV.

  11. You didn't gave your opinion on how Model S was beaten by Lamborghini but Model X beat him. I think it was party rigged or the driver of Model S missed and so didn't accelerate on time which resulted in Model S losing to the same Lamborghini which was beaten by model X

  12. Re adding autopilot after the sale, I'm thinking that a lot of model 3's will be sold without autopilot. I wonder if at some point it will be very tempting for Tesla to bring in a lot of cash by offering a "sale" on autopilot for a limited time to those who originally bought without the software.

  13. bro.. everybody really likes your videos… but your live streams are always way too long…!! please make it short and sweet! I follow everythingapplepro as well a lot and even his 12 minute videos are too long as well!! you gotta shorten it down before you upload it dude! thanks for all your great – short – videos;]

  14. "Idiot Millionaire" Fossil fuel lobby shit stirrer??!!
    Angela Merkel delivered another body blow to the ICE mob yesterday despite the fact that Germany's economy relies heavily on ICE car sales.
    Musk has been the catalyst for all this. He delivered to the hungry crowd of people who were fed up with pollution showing that you can have a clean sustainable, slick, elegant, energy source for practically everything: transport; power etc etc.
    Shows that government are powerless against the massively funded lobbyists and nothing can be done unless one talented and committed individual grabs the problem by the scruff of the neck and just does it. Then they must follow or be voted out of office.
    Go Elon!

  15. Highly biased here Ben. You don't know the truth at all about what happened with the ripped seat yet you automatically side with Tesla. Lazy and utterly biased. Get real man. When you don't know the truth of a he said he said just keep neutral like any reasonable person would.

  16. On self driving cars. Autonomous, by definition, means independent; therefore if connection to the Internet and an an outside server cloud is required, the vehicle is not autonomous.
    On car sharing, it might get some uptake, but renting your hugely expensive car out to strangers is insane. Respect for others property is something that is sorely lacking these days. Getting your model X, S, or 3 back with crayon or magic marker on the seats, or smelling like a barnyard cigarettes or pot is a very real possibility.

  17. I will not listen to this story, you're a clickbaiter, I've downvoted and now I will leave. If you put it in the title it has to be within the first 2 minutes.

    You know this Ben, stop clickbaiting shit.

  18. As a car enthusiast. I want my cars I'm spending good money on to be perfect. There are some things I can accept but if they are responsible for a defect then they must make it right! This is all second hand reporting but your notion that a customer should accept bad service because it's trivial to you is wrong. You can accept it. Others will not.

  19. OK, but the tax credit will be prorated on your next tax refund! You can get up-to $7500. However someone like me works my taxes to be able to get the least amount in a return or perhaps even owe a small amount. So if I understand correctly the tax credit incentive is pretty much useless to someone like me. A question; if the max is $7500 up to 200,000 cars, if the max of $7500 is not taken on most orders, does the amounts not taken continue to roll over? Just a thought.

  20. Ben/guys. Ben read Article: The guy sue Tesla for the rip on chair. But Tesla tried to reach out to the guy to replace the car seat, but he did not bring the car in to get it replace. Is he Crazy?

  21. I disagree. I think Tesla will lower the cost of the Model 3 over time just like they did for other models. When the tax credit starts to reduce, then I think Tesla will lower the cost because they care about there customers.

    What is funny about the tax credit is that Tesla will run out of them before Chevy does, so when that happens, the tax credit will just be helping the Chevy, the brand that people want less. They should re-think the tax credit.

  22. I agree, a spoiled brat. How did he get his $ to start with? He is wasting others time and $ to be a bully. Grow up an be thankful you can afford a Tesla.

  23. Im on the side of the millionaire. Tesla takes there sweet time doing anything and everything that doesn't benefit them. Rather then fixing the problem they rather throw free service at the problem. There santana row location is the worst there a bunch of two faced con artists and dont know there product.

  24. Hey, do you have an email of this "millionaire"? If he doesn't like that Tesla because of seat, I will send him email to give me that Tesla or else I will "sue" him because he ignored me 😀 I do not know what the problem is? It's just a speck on the seat, jesus. As I said, if you guys do not like Tesla and wont drive it, give it to me!

  25. Hey Ben, is it possible to add to your cost estimator the savings one would get if say, you own the model 3 for 100,000 miles compared to an Ice vehicle. Savings like, oil change, breaks, worn out motor supports, etc. Its seems to me like this final cost to own number is the most important of all, in order to figure out the True cost of the model 3. I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised. Thanks

  26. @ Rutgers Science Day 2014 EVs were displayed. A few Model S's were there including one Tesla employee called Karen who was apparently from Sweden. A typical rude rich idiot approached Karen and said that the trunk area becomes too hot for kids. "Tell Tesla to fix it" he said very arrogantly but Karen smiled and kept saying "Yes sir". It appears that Tesla wants to fix Alain Cohen's seat but he wants to sue them anyways. Too much money and time indeed!

  27. You all getting wrong… the little rascal is behind a MAJOR OIL COMPANY, their TRYING F. HARD to make TESLA on their level… GM, Ford took 100 years, and they still producing those terrible cars… tesla took 4 years to produce a high quality car, fast, ecological, secure, high tech… and the list goes on… while the BIG OIL COMPANIES just want to sell oil… and for that… they sell weapons… war in syria, libia, iraq… BYING OIL COMBUSTION CARS is patrocinating the WAR INDUSTRY

  28. It 'll be so interesting seeing the change of scenery on the road after the 3s have been circulating for a year or so. It'll probably be very different from the model S since they are pretty uncommon. Nice to see a little more otstanding diversity on the road in cars.

  29. forget the rich bitch , take a good look on "NOW ON PAGE SIX"
    no lawsuit for customer service there .

  30. Considering I have waited 6 weeks to get delivery defects fixed… no one calls back. no one emails. I get promised an update by the next day and weeks pass. I still have a cracked windshield, distortion with the heater elements on, and a tail light that is slowly filling up with water. $60K car.

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