Tesla Model X Test Drive

We’ve seen renders, we’ve seen pictures, and
we’ve seen spy shots but this is Tesla’s Model X SUV. So we’re going to go take it for a
test drive. Our time in the Model X was fairly short so
we aren’t going to do a full review here. But after just a few minutes in the car, left
wanting one. The Model X doesn’t really feel like most
SUVs I’ve driven. In fact, it feels a whole lot like driving the Model S. It responds like a car about half it’s size.
And with a zero to sixty time of 3.2 seconds on the fastest model, you just give it the
lightest tap of the gas and you’re off. If you throw it in Ludicrous mode then stomp
on the gas pedal, it feels like your brain is about to come out of your ears. But like,
in a good way. The in dash display is roughly the same as
that found on the Model S with things like a built in browser and a rear-view camera
coming stock. They made a few small spec upgrades to make the display look nicer and they have
tweaked some things like opening and closing the automatic falcon-wing door. Speaking of those falcon-wing doors, they
are pretty damn cool. They have built in sonic sensors to detect objects they might hit and
they will automatically adjust the way they open accordingly. The interior is super comfy and center console
has proper enclosed storage instead of that weird open trench thing found on the Model
S. There’s even a nifty built-in dock that you
can stuff your phone into without even looking. So you know you can keep your eyes on the
road. There’s a massive windshield they call the
panoramic windshield and it’s just fantastic. You can see absolutely everything around and
above you. And something you just have to experience for yourself. I look up at the
sky and felt like fricken Aladdin on a magic carpet ride. At arounf $130,000 this car is well outside
a reasonable price range for most. But, if you are already considering a Model X, I’d
give that decision my stamp of approval. You know, just let me borrow it sometimes.

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30 thoughts on “Tesla Model X Test Drive

  1. The front end is ugly, they dropped the nose cone and replaced it with nothing, it looks incomplete and like crap, with the time they spent on it how could they leave the nose looking like this.

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