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52 thoughts on “Tesla is Going to Win Level 5 – George Hotz | AI Podcast Clips

  1. Watch the full episode with George Hotz here: http://bit.ly/2YLIPom If you enjoy it, consider subscribing, sharing, and commenting.

  2. His words sound right but I think he’s just a talker, good coder but that’s it. He don’t even have a chip, how can he be 1 yr behind? He’s like the rest of us behind.

  3. I hope Hotz stays true to his words and won't sell out. It would be great to keep having an open source alternative, should really push development forward.

  4. I wonder if Google gives Tesla the IP/GPS data of their customers because I've noticed mine is off in coordinates and always thinks I'm driving when I'm not so they shouldn't include my data in their robots because it might cause them to become unreliable in the future.

  5. Self-driving is a winner take all game. Whoever gets best first, wins. People will buy the most capable product, therefore increasing the data gathering rate, making the system even more robust, causing even more people to buy it….. the perfect positive feedback loop.

    Tesla will have an effective monopoly on Transport, just like Google has an effective monopoly on Search.

  6. I enjoyed watching the full episode just a few days ago. I hope pushing this snippet will spur others to watch it and engage in learning more about self-driving and AI in general.

  7. George was so happy in this interview! You can really see how passionate both him and Lex are about the subject. Them and Elon are the real deal folks!

  8. From the whole video, Mr. Fridman and Mr. Hotz think we're still far enough away from level 5 capability that Tesla must dramatically enhance driver attention monitoring to ensure safe oversight as we transition through Level 2 driving. How long would YOU (Mr. Fridman and all here) guess until we see Level 5? Elon Musk thinks Tesla will turn it on NEXT YEAR!

  9. As it stands, Tesla is not approaching level 5. That's not a threshold on the horizon. They have a part of rather fragile level 2.
    Big data is nice to have but you don't need anywhere near the scale Tesla has access to now. A tiny company could gather plenty in a matter of days so if the data amount would pave the way, Tesla would be way further ahead. Once you have the algorithmic sophistication to be a contender for level 5, the data amount you need is relatively tiny. At the current trajectory, without decisive breakthroughs Tesla is 10-20 years from level 5. Or more. A somewhat full featured level 2 also looks like 5 or more years away. I'm a little surprised at the lack of progress, it does not seem that difficult to me but observing the slow progression over the last 5? years, there is just no way level 5 is happening by end of year nor next year.

  10. Hey Lex this is a great idea! you should put on more clips like this. 5 or 15 minutes segments of the conversations about specific subjects. It would kind of give us more of an idea what the episodes about, and maybe spark extra interest in the podcast overall.

    Kind of like what Joe Rogan does.

  11. If you're going to make a "Clips" thing like Rogan, make a separate channel for snippets and just upload them there.. I'm only interested in the full length vids and don't want to get those smaller ones in my feed.. especially because I've already seen them.. Like this one

  12. It’s clear through the body language in this clip, Lex’s feelings towards Tesla are negative. He almost cringes at his guest’s praise, even if he might be right about them being the best there is at the moment.
    Granted, I wouldn’t feel very comfortable being driven by the system now, just as I am not that impressed by Googles latest AlphaStar games, the tech is not really that impressive.
    But what may not be warranted is the view that lidar is a necessity. And if that is true, then shouldn’t Tesla be regarded as the leader in the field? Are the algorithms themselves overwhelmingly different across implementers? Or does the disgust come from the belief that the tech is available to the public “too quickly” in Lex’s view? If so, is there any data showing that accident rates are higher amongst autopilot drivers?
    Being a Tesla driver myself, with autopilot, I remain engaged, and aware. I imagine with level 5, I would be as well, once situations occur that are uncomfortable. Perhaps lack of perfection simply means percentage of awareness remaining, not necessarily danger.
    -Elon fan

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  14. the interview I never asked for but always wanted. Going to see the full thing right after I'm done with Scent of a woman.

  15. Geezz…. how come I already know that??? This guy basically saying he will able to hack and modify software when Tesla’s autonomous level 5 available….. basically he will place a usb in the view of Tesla’s employee and GREED will pickup then connect it to Tesla’s network….. 👻

  16. It seems weird to see George acting so optimistic when he ranted about the lack of future for his company not all that long ago, saying there was no market, etc etc.

  17. between the all black suit and of course the name lex fridman, i feel like he's the real life super genius MIT grad that becomes the arch villain in some super hero movie. Its almost picture perfect. Hes talks about autonomy but maybe he's actually a robot, you know something along those line's, or maybe he's elon's secret creation, the ingredients are definitely their.

  18. Hotz a true Hack … after Tesla does it, he is going to hack reverse engineer it and copy it … with business models like that, China is going to have some competition!!

  19. Thank you for keeping the world with information without any bias… Really one of the few people that we can go for real fact.

  20. Tesla certainly won, but regulators/time will take a toll on the stock. How many more rounds of funding will they need. Next recession will be interesting. I’d assume that’s when you want to buy TSLA

  21. Who's going to buy your vehicles ?
    people in government services?
    Elon musk has already exploited that stream…lmao…. Oh you think you're going to compete globally? LMAO

  22. Haven’t watched the full interview but I hope you also discussed TuSimple . They might get to level 5 before Tesla

  23. For those of you who don't play dungeons and dragons, level 5 is when you can cast the most powerful black magic spells in any direction and use as much mana as a regular level 2.

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