Telstra IN:SIGHT – DELWP Hackathon 2016

Hey everyone. We’re going to have a Hackathon. Who’s keen?” It’s never been done before, to my knowledge,
in Victorian government, so we’re the first department to do such an event. We’re also the first department to elicit
the ideas of our staff through a crowd sourcing challenge. We went out and asked all of our staff, “What
can we do to improve what we do or how we do it as a department?” We had aimed to get 50 ideas through our challenge
and we ended up with 230. Through the help of Telstra and the Tigerspike team, they were actually
able to take all of our ideas and concepts and actually build it into something that
was operational. Technology is an interesting term for us because
at the moment the technology that we use is pen and paper still. I guess we never really have the opportunity
to have coders in the room with service designers, and – and with the expertise in hand. We knew we could apply our technology expertise
to these ideas to really accelerate the idea and bring it to life. So that’s what excited us was being able to
create these tangible outcomes that were scale across – scalable across the business and
really transform the way DELWP operates internally and also facing into the public domain. Our process would have been to develop a business
case for a project, create a working group around the project, spend weeks and months
trying to produce something at the end of it. I was excited by it in seeing the functionality. There’s also the higher aspect of that fast
track collaboration and innovation and coming up with an end-use product as opposed to a
business case. We’ve gone from concept to product in the
space of two days. Where historically, that would have taken
months using a traditional project management model. It’s really about providing them with the
opportunities to innovate and creating the pathways for people to do so.

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