Teens Use Flip Phones For The First Time

– Oh, man, it’s like a calculator. (techno music) – I know that if a flip phone
falls, you don’t have to worry about it breaking the screen. – I know that they flip and they’re old. – Kind of basic as far as cell phones go. (techno music) – What is this? – This isn’t real, this
isn’t real, it’s a toy. – It doesn’t even have a screen. – Dang, this is hella basic. – Where’s the on button? (cell phone dialing) – I’m guessing this is some
sort of a pager kind of thing. – Wait, is it only for calling? That’s so sad, and it’s ugly
too, this is really ugly. – When I hold this, I think I
could be in the 19-whenever. (techno music) – So this one’s got a screen, two screens. – This one is taking forever to turn on. – Maybe if I whip out the
antenna, it’ll go faster. (cell phone music) – Oh, it has music. – It’s got a nice moving fish background. – You can have pictures,
but you can’t take them. – So no selfies for you. (cell phone dialing) – Hello? It actually works. – It’s still alive. – Wow, it is pretty durable. – Don’t do that to my phone. (techno music) – Here it is, the Razr. – I always wanted one of
these in elementary school. – It’s pink, it’s cute, it’s flat. – Okay, this one is pretty,
it looks more elegant. – And it is much slimmer
than the other ones. – Oh, look, the– (cell phone music) – Tetris. – Looks like we got sent
a Greek text on this. – I’m sending a text to myself. – So you’ve got to press
the numbers multiple times to get to the letter that you want. – Where’s your space bar? – Oh, no space bar. – Oh, I figured it out,
the space is the hashtag. – Hi one. It’s one. – So I wanted to write, hey, how are you, but it turns out hem-mm how are you. – So it definitely takes a lot
longer to text on this thing. – Oh, it has phone camera, that’s cute. – Selfie skills. (camera clicking) – I don’t know if I took the picture. (camera clicking) – This phone was built for selfies. – This is not a picture I
would post on Instagram though. (techno music) – What is this? – Oh, my god, this is ugly. – Oh, shoot, I remember these. – You’d see them all the
time in, like, Gossip Girl. – No, yeah, I don’t know
what this is, this is huge. – [voiceover] What? – This is hip, this is what
was cool with the kids. – Does this thing not just fall right off? – Hold up, boom. – [voiceover] Okay, now it’s powered on. It’s got a nice jingle. – I like how the old
phones have nice jingles. – Instant messaging and
then text messaging. I guess back in the
day that was different? – I feel like it’s easier to
cheat your way through class. – Yeah, I’d probably use
this, like, during school. It’s pretty straightforward. You just have it under the table and then you can just do whatever with it. – This is the coolest. (techno music) – They were pretty cool. – That texting, it took forever. – The Razr is what began
the selfie revolution. – I low-key kind of got excited
when I saw the Sidekick. I guess that’s like the silver lining in the bronze age of cell phones. – I think I’m going to
stick to my smartphone. – I’m going to keep my iPhone. I need my iPhone, I love my iPhone. – The best part about flip phones is that when you’re
hanging up on somebody, you can just be like,
click, bye, you’re gone.

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100 thoughts on “Teens Use Flip Phones For The First Time

  1. Anyone born before 2005 should have used a flip phone at least once…. anyone born before 2012 should at least know what one is…

  2. I have my grandma's flip phones and a Motorola Razr that still works. How are these teens not know flip phones and i was born in 2009 and i even own one?

  3. And by far the sidekick was one off my favorite phones off all time I was the man in high school with that phone and Nextel lol

  4. I was born in 1999 and I owned at least 3 flip phones, how the heck these kids are older than me and they havs no idea about flip phone??

  5. There parents probably didn’t let them have a phone till later. I had flip phones for a bit of time. They are way more durable than my current phone. Now I have to buy a 30$ case to protect a 1k phone.

  6. i born in 2002 and i used to have the Motorola pfft clishe this 90s teen…….. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. The struggle was real for us.. We improved every step, We made all the tech you take for granted every day.

  8. I think the proper video is kids today using flip phones not teens who were born around the era of these phones.

  9. That pink Motorolora is still my dream phone but it's soo hard to find them 😭 I wish I can have one working or not

  10. Come on I was born 1995, my sister 1998. We still remember flip phones I used to have one. This reactions are so over 🙄 come on

  11. These kids will never know the struggle we went thru having to wait for free nights and weekends mins 😂😂😂

  12. These people born in the 90’s , flip phone very in in the 2000’s, I’m born 1998 I grew up with flip phones

  13. I’m born in the mid 2000’s and I still have a slider phone? Honestly I like it a lot better and I can take it in the rain and it’ll be completely fine

  14. I have my motorola from sprint in pink at this day and is so stunning was one of my fav phones. Well i was pretty fast writing on a flip phone.. Also i love was the sidekick never own one but i have one similar.

  15. Bruh I was born in 2003 and all I used was flip phones until middle school, I remember being so jealous of all my friends with their new fresh iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4s, I remember being mocked daily for having a Blackberry

  16. i was born in '95 and i grew up with these phones! its so rediculous how they never had or seen one. seriously? smh

  17. Sidekick and motoralla razr was the phones you had to have back in the day .

    These kids really act like 6 years younger

  18. bro people used flip phones in 2012 and like 2013 like what? I also hate the the one kids was like, “ew its so ugly ew” it just kinda annoyed me.

  19. The Asian woman was od overreacting and she wasnt even a teen! She was already 20 lol Btw if they bring back the Sidekick I’d buy it!! It was the best😎

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