Tecware Phantom RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

I always love me some good solid budget mechanical
keyboards, as mechs are expensive. And I believe that these should get as much
attention as the others, because they’re a real viable option for a lot of people. This one in particular is probably one of
the cheapest mechs you can get locally in Australia, so yeh, keep that in mind. Thanks to Mwave.com.au for providing this
keyboard for review, and for their continued support. Opening up the box, we have a quick start
guide. We then have 4 extra keyswitches, which tells
us that this is hotswappable. And then the keyboard itself. And first impressions in the hands is great. It’s packing some solid weight, coming in
at about 950g, so just under a kilo. And there’s minimal flex feeling quite solid
and rigid. And that’s because that it has a steel mounting
plate. Normally, if you were to have a floating key
design such as this, which exposes the keyswitches from the side, we would have an aluminium
plate instead, which is a very common trait of many budget mechs. The steel has this smooth dark grey finish
which doesn’t pick up fingerprints, and I personally really like it. The rest of the case is made from plastic,
with a slightly aggressive design that won’t be for everyone. But the top stays relatively clean, with minimal
branding as well. On the bottom we have a couple of flat rubber
feet, as well as two flip are feet that are rubber tipped to keep it steady on the desk. Unfortunately we have a non removable USB
cable, so that’s annoying. But it does have cable routing channels,and
also has a strap and an attached cap. And finally a plastic ring keycap puller on
the bottom which is pretty cool. And it sits in there quite nicely, so it shouldn’t
fall out. The keycaps actually look pretty decent for
backlit keycaps. The font or typeface itself is quite clean,
but they are thickish and have some gaps and whatnot, but they’re not the worst. And they have a nice matte look to them as
well, being slightly textured. They’re made from pretty thin 1mm ABS plastic,
but they are doubleshot, so the legends are another piece of plastic and will never fade
away. The Phantom does have a completely standard
ANSI layout though, so replacing the keycaps is super easy. The Phantom comes in both tenkeyless and full
sized form factors. So if you really need a numpad, then grab
the full sized one. But honestly, the TKL is a great size which
gives us more space on our desk for a mouse, and is just more comfortable to use. Being a budget board, it’s pretty cool to
have legit RGB backlighting. One thing that you have to remember about
RGB lighting is that it doesn’t need to be always blazing all the different colours. In my eyes, it gives you the flexibility to
choose what colour you want your backlighting to be. So by pressing FN and this RGB key we can
actually choose what colour we want. So if you just want a simple white, then you
can choose that. Or if you want pink, you can do that as well. And then of course we have all the other effects
and patterns and all that, which are controlled by the nav cluster keys, and the arrow keys. But yeh, it is legit RGB lighting, rather
than just limited colours, so the transitions are nice and smooth. We can also do that in the software that you
can download from their website, which is another impressive thing to have on a budget
mech. So first of all we have 3 different profiles
that we can save stuff to. So again, we have the lighting with all the
effects and colours which works perfectly well, and is all applied in real time which
is nice. The speed settings are a bit iffy, so I prefer
to just do that on the keyboard itself. And then we have the key customisability. But to use this, we have to exit the LED lighting
editing mode. So we can press a key, and we can assign a
new key to it. Or a macro that you can record. Or assign a secondary function to it. So I can assign FN + Escape to be mute, and
it will do just that. It doesn’t have the greatest customisability,
but this makes it very simple and easy to use. So not a bad piece of software, as it does
exactly what it has to do. The Phantom is available in Outemu keyswitches,
however the Phantom Elite is available with Gateron and Kailh Box keyswitches, of course
at a higher price as well. I have Outemu Brown’s in mine, which are
just a clone of the Cherry MX Brown’s. But they’re nice switches. Honestly, you won’t find much of a difference
between the two. This is also available in Outemu Blue for
clicky, and Red for linear. The typing experience is solid. The stabs aren’t too bad as well. There is still some rattle, but they did lube
the wire up a bit, so yeh, not bad, and above average for budget boards. But another big feature of this keyboard is
that we can pull out the keyswitches with the included keyswitch puller, because we
have some hotswappable sockets in here. We do have the extra 4 keyswitches included,
but they’re still the same switch. Last video I checked out the Drevo Tyrfing
V2 keyboard, and a couple of people said that it looked very similar to this. And yeh, we have the same situation with the
hotswap feature. So basically it’s pretty much just for Outemu
keyswitches. This is mainly because of the pins being slightly
thinner than others. And you also need to have the gap for the
SMD RGB LED, in which not all switches have. So for the most part, Cherry MX, Gateron,
Kailh, etc. They won’t fit, unless you modify the pins
somehow, just because the sockets are super tight. However, the Outemu ICE keyswitches, will
make some great replacements. So yeh, not the best, but it’s still much
better than not having the option at all. To open up the keyboard there’s a couple
of Phillips head screws on the top plate, and you can just pry it open. The bottom plastic shell is very simple. There’s not much reinforcement there, but
when screwed onto the plate, it’s all good. Said plate is made from 1.5mm steel. This is what gives the keyboard it’s solid
weight and rigidity. Again, most boards like this will just have
an aluminium plate which is lighter and not as rigid, so it’s really nice to have steel
here. And the PCB is clean and all, but the main
difference is that we have the sockets that the switch pins go into. So if you wanted to, you could desolder these
sockets and put in other switches, but honestly, there’s no real point. Overall, I’m very very happy with this keyboard. The price truly does play a big role in how
I perceive this keyboard. Like seriously, it has a good solid build
with the steel plate, it has true RGB backlighting which is customisable, with software as well. It has hotswappable keyswitches, albeit, it’s
limited to Outemu, but still great. It has doubleshot keycaps, in a standard ANSI
layout. The design is not for me personally, but it’s
relatively simple and should fit in most environments. Many people may turn away from Outemu switches
if they didn’t know better. But honestly, they’re absolutely fine in
regards to feel and durability. And all this makes you question, how do all
these other gaming keyboards get away with being 2 or 3 times more expensive than this? I know I’m sounding overwhelmingly positive,
but I really am impressed at this price for the package that you get. This is like 50 bucks in the US. And honestly, at this pricepoint, it’s a
very difficult keyboard to beat, and is definitely one beast of a budget board. And don’t forget, this is also available
in the full sized version if you need that numpad. Thanks again to Mwave.com.au for providing
this keyboard for review. And I’ll chuck the link in the description

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100 thoughts on “Tecware Phantom RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

  1. Such a shame about the sockets they used – Outemu basic switches have to be my least favorite on the market. If you could just pop in whatever MX switch you wanted this would be an incredible value. Ah well.

  2. Which one is better? Red/Brown/Blue?

    I don’t want something too loud, but has a nice, smooth feel to it. Which would work best?

  3. I just got this keyboard today and this keyboard is absolutely amazing for the price, it's super sturdy keys have great strength and sound and very easy software, I don't think you could ever find a better keyboard than this.

  4. Good video about a great keyboard. Too bad I heard about the keyboard from a Youtuber I didn't like but glad you made a video about it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wish you'd stop with that inaccurate bias comment about fullsize keyboards being uncomfortable for everyone because of size. Not everyone has narrow shoulders or have a problem with the spacing. I will admit that the Vortex Tab90 is pretty cool though and I like the space reduction.

  5. Had the Razer Black widow, Corsair k70 and Razer X chroma Mercury – Got this Keyboard for work and its as good if not better than the other keyboards at half the price. Seriously good value

  6. I just got this and was surprised to see that they lubed up the stabs resulting in a much more quieter keyboard. I then put o rings into mine to really make it extra quiet

  7. Why are the Outemu switches so springy sounding. I have them and they are annoying. Did I get a defective unit. But I hear a ping sound when I actuate the switches.

  8. I'm getting this as a new keyboard from a Velocifire TKL78. I want this becuase 1, the pg down, pg up, etc. keys for Space Engineers. (On the TKL 78 they are bound as secondary layer on the Function keys.) And becuase of the RGB.

  9. I can record the macro but I cannot understand how to assigned it in a proper way, I want to use F12 to provide my email address, but each letter appears twice in the macro listing, I don't understand the buttons UP, DOWN, TOP , BOTTOM purpose and I wonder if I can set different email addresses to different letter keys but as a 2nd function to avoid replacing the main letter to type. I guess is not so user friendly.

  10. How is a non-removable USB cable annoying? Why the hell would you want to remove a USB cable from your keyboard?

  11. Oh my god, it's the same keyboard design that I use the Spanish brand KROM, the Kernel tkl, everything is the same even the back, who copied who?

  12. Would it be more worth it to buy this keyboard (it's $90 in a local shop, $55 on sale) and buy PBT keycaps (which are about $50) or should I just buy a Ducky One 2 TKL Skyline?

  13. I remember getting a board budget board off Amazon, I don't remember the name. Had Outemu Brown switches and it was a scratchy mess. So much so that if I pressed the key at an angle(happens when I use my pinky to press the CTRL key during FPS games), the key wouldn't even budge. I'd have to apply extra force and the key slams to the bottom. Based on the sound recording of this video and when you pressed the key lightly, it didn't look and sound like the same switch at all. Did Outemu retool their switches?

  14. Got one, was surprised at how good this keyboard is for the price…. AWESOME please review more instock mass produced keyboards.

  15. i bought this last January (red switches 104 keys) it's a great keyboard and it's solid af it's the same feel as buying an expensive one

  16. bought this last week shit is nice and i bought HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps which makes it look even better and has a nice weight to it

  17. this broke on me after 4 months. The "W" key gradually stopped working, and only that key. guess you get what you pay for huh. 🙁

  18. Good job on actually testing to see if the keys were swappable between manufacturers. Every other review for this keyboard that I have seen has just kind of assumed that they are. Great review. It sold me on purchasing this product, which I received in the mail yesterday and I'm thoroughly enjoying.

  19. hopefully the lighting isn't as dim like the corsair k68 and k70 the colors weren't bright and vibrant even after changing them in software the colors where way too light and soft

  20. This or the velocifire tkl02 . It’s only missing on RGB which I don’t really care about and has better stock keycaps . And of course it’s $15 cheaper. What should I choose

  21. HELP! i want to find a keyboard with the same features but i cant find it in 60% if annyone finds something be kind and and hit me up.

  22. Do you think it’s playstation compatible because sometimes I use it for hmwk and sometimes I use it on my gaming console. Anyone?

  23. I personly got this keyboard about 2 days ago and I was very surprised with the great build quality and how the overall keyboard felt, This is by far one of the best budget keyboards and should really get it, in my opinion, it should be worth more than $50, so those of you who are looking of a budget keyboard this keyboard is probably one of the best budget keyboards out there right now.

  24. Hi, I'm wondering if Box Jade switches fit in the Tecware phantom 87 keyboards. I know that this will be a tight fit but do you think it is still possible? some people say that they don't fit but some people like RandomFrankP fitted a box pink switch in.

  25. Does the keyboard only fit the outema switches I understand the my say it does but i was wondering if anyone was able to fit a mother brand in?

  26. I live in Aus and these are out of stock on mwave again, however I see them in stock on Amazon. Are they legit on amazon because I really want one.

  27. Outemu browns feel great. They have a firmer actuation force than just about any other brand. They feel premium and not slippery like gateron, cherry mx or Logitech boards etc. Outemu are the best ,imo.

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