Tecno Camon 12 Air – Unboxing and First Impressions (Urdu)

Just like Realme and Redmi,
Tecno has also been active in Pakistan. It’s introducing quite a lot of
smartphones these days. Only a few days ago, we saw an entry level
smartphone, Spark 4 in the market. And now we have another one its photogrpahy
focused Camon-series. It’s another thing that the company targets
the budget and lower mid-range market But feature wise, it takes takes on with
upper mid-range devices. Especially this phone, Camon 12 Air, Brings a feature from high-end flagships. Punch-hole display, that we yet saw from
Samsung and Huawei’s high-end devices. Tecno offers the same for only Rs. 20,000.
(equivalent of USD 128) Let’s see what else we get for the money. But if you haven’t subscribed to our channel,
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you can like our page too. [PROMO] Let me tell you that, this video is recorded
with a smartphone. So if you see bad quality or focus problems,
please bear with it. Unlike the usual 12 months warranty, this
phone comes with 13 months of warranty. Tecno gives you 1 extra month for warranty. This could also be a buying factor for
some customers. This phone comes int wo colors – blue and purple. Thankfully, we get the blue variant. There are some features mentioned, that
we’ll discuss later. But some imporant ones are… – Octa-core processor.
– 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. – 16MP triple rear camera – Fingerprint sensor and Face unlock support. This the punch-hole display, that Tecno
calls as Dot-in display. But we’ll use the “Punch-hole display” here. What else is there… Let’s open the box to see… So here it is, the device. I don’t remember when Tecno stopped
wrapping the phone… Or may be it’s been like that for always? This is the front camera, that you can see
through the hole in the display. Factory applied screen protector is causing
a bad impression. but I’ll not remove it right now. However, we need to remove transparent film
from the back panel. The back is built with plastic but much better
than what we saw in the Spark 4. Glossy finish looks good but fingerprints
are gonna make a mess out there. Gradient color also gives a nice impression
with the lining pattern There is a tirple camera setup, with a…
– 16MP main camera, 26mm-equivalent f/1.8 aperture lens. – Ultra wide angle lens with a 5MP ka camera, 120° angle of view and 2cm macro shots. – a 2MP depth sensor for portrait shots There is also quad-LED flash, which can
provide sufficient luminence, to support in low-light shots. Fingerprint sensor is also present
on the back side. Power button and volume rocker, as usual,
are on the right side.. On the bottom, we have…
– a speaker grill, – a micro USB port,
– a mouthpiece and a 3.5mm audio jack. Top side is empty. and on the left side, we have.. a SIM slot. Let’s start the phone… and see what else we get in the box. Once again – 13 montsh warranty to remind you… Some paperwork…. And what’s that? Okay! it’s the safety information, if you
prefer to read. Like always… there is a silicone back cover. It’s printed with the series name – Camon, Just like what we saw with Spark 4. And here it is, your favorite – micro USB Cable. Seriously, now seems like a joke to see
a microUSB cable. Sorry about that. For the 4000 mAh battery, the charger is good to with 10-watt ratting. Unlike Spark 4 that shipped
with a 6-watt charger. There is a SIM eject pin.. and… Here are the earphones… which are now hardly shipped from other brands
in this price range. Let’s move these things aside.. Here goes the 13 months warranty,
back in the box. And…. close the coffin… …get closes now.. I kepth the SIM eject pin out here. to check the SIM slots first. So this is the three-slot tray. That you can use with 2 SIM cards and
a micro SD card, all at onces. Which is a good feature to use. and it’s
actually better than most hybrid slots. The phone has already been booted up. But to use it, we first need to set it up. Okay, now you should see the front camera
easily, right through the display. And the bottom chin is still there. …… Let’s setup the Face lock… And fingerprint registration too. here it is, the home screen… It’s the HiOS user interface,
on top of Android 9 Pie. The default wallpaper is designedin a way
that the front camera could camouflage, right into it. But you can still see it easily, if you look at the camera itself. If we look into the internal configuration, The same 4GB RAM,
64GB stroage 8MP front camera
16MP rear camera. 720p display resolution Octa-core processor Let’s check the camera quickly. One shot in normal photo mode. and another shot… in bokeh mode. okay… this interface doesn’t offer a
aperture slider. hmmm. not bad…. Looks like the bokeh simulation is getting
better in this price range too. Interesting…. if we check the front camera, That’s not bad too. I’ll wind up this session quickly, but
with the first impression of the phone… as quite attractive in this price range. We’ll see about the performance and camera
details in the later review. So, just go ahead and subscribe to this channel,
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