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Hey and welcome to a new video. Todays video is about where and what to buy if you wanna obtain the “Techninja” style in the EU without buying from Asia or America. I will shortly explain: What really is the “Techninja” style? The outfits are mostly complete black or aleast 80-90% with a few contrasts in it. You will rarely encounter a colorful Techninja. The colors are kept dark most of the time. The style itself looks very futuristic with many technical aspects and features that aren’t always for usability rather more for the look itself. For example: Huge pockets, big amount of pockets, “useless” straps, dangly bits etc. Disclaimer: If you wanna obtain outfits that are this style be prepared to pay a rather big amount of money. You’ll regret buying a pair of pants for 50$ which will last you for half a year, doesnt fit or simple doesnt have the quality you wanted. Especially asian retailers have a lot of Techwear pieces with underperforming quality. Dislaimer again: If you wanna obtain a certain style of fashion and are looking to buy pieces for it: Don’t look for shops that dedicate themselves to this style only. Look around and in different shops if they have pieces which may fit the style. You’ll have a much easier time buying things this way. You can then craft yourself a whole outfit with the pieces you bought. For example: Adidas and Nike. I shop I cansuggest is Enfin Levé. The ship from Germany and have all their prices in EUR. They have many Techwear pieces which can be put into a Techninja outfit.Their new jacket really reminds of Acronyms J1A-GT with only a third of the price. Without many of the features of course. They also have many different pants from cargo to asian inspired ones. A big plus is that you can select the fabrics you want your pieces made of. From Dryskin to all weather proof Etaproof. Their prices are in the midrange. Not that pricey but pants cost more than 50$. I really suggest you to check them out! Great and quality stuff! I’ll also buy atleast one item from them some time soon to review it. Nike and Adidas also have many pieces which can fit into a Techninja outfit. Y-3 for example has very futuristic looking sneakers. Nike ACG as you all know has many great pieces which are also high quality for reasonable price. General tip: If you buy an outfit consider buy accessoires like belts, bags, caps ‘n stuff. These things can do wonders to an outfit and make it look complete. Be sure to buy quality stuff. Amazon has great belts for a little price. Bags can be bought from many different brands in a huge price span. I suggest you to start at atleast 30$ when it comes to caps because the really cheap ones often lose their color very quickly for example. You can find quality caps in many offline stores as well. I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe now have a better idea on where and what to buy regarding a Techninja outfit in EU. Be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts or send me your fits in a private message. I’m always open for feedback!
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4 thoughts on “Techwear kaufen EU | Shop Guide

  1. Wieder n‘ schönes, informatives Video. Da das mit dem Ton schon gesagt wurde, brauch‘ ich nix mehr hinzuzufügen, ich mag deine Videos, aufgrund dieser ruhigen Art.
    Ne Frage hab‘ ich aber trotzdem: Bei 4:36, von welcher Marke ist die Hose? Weil ich grad‘ nich‘ entsinne, die schon mal gesehen zu haben…

  2. Ich finde, du hast definitiv die wichtigsten Punkte angesprochen. Qualität hat ihren Preis, und wer sich mit offenen Augen umschaut, findet oft an den ungeahntesten Stellen coole Klamotten, die stilistisch und teils auch funktional zum eigenen Stil passen. Enfin Leve sind übrgends nicht in Polen, sondern in Berlin – nach Deutschland schicken ist für die also recht unkompliziert. Y3 sieht zwar sehr futuristisch aus, hat aber sehr selten nur wirkliche technische Funktionalität – besonders die guten Materialien (Stotz Etaproof, Schoeller Dryskin, andere Stoffe) sucht man bei Y3 vergebens. Für mich jetzt keine neue Info, aber ich beschäftige mich ja auch schon sehr tief mit der Thematik. Hätte mich gefreut, wenn du ein oder zwei (markenunabhängige) Shops wie Farfetch oder Grailed oder andere Shops erwähnt hättest, und der Titel "2 Techwear Brands to buy in Europe" oder so gewesen wäre … so hatte ich eine andere Erwartung als du im Video tatsächlich geliefert hast.

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