Technology and the Arts at Stevens

I work in live television production.
I did an internship with Nokia Bell Labs. I actually was hired from NBC/Universal.
I interned at IBM on their design team. My internship was with NBC News Artworks
department. I have been a web developer and I am also currently a senior
software engineer at BuzzFeed. The solid education that you get here really
contributes to the best possible chances you can get. We’ve had really wonderful
luck with job placement. They come out of the program not only well-rounded
students but prepared for a variety of careers. The great thing for me is seeing
that a lot of what you do here at Stevens translates to the real world
very well. Being able to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it
outside of the classroom. So the Music and Technology program at Stevens really
puts our students ahead of the game within the industry and not only are we
getting the technological skills that we need to enter the industry but we also
developed in music theory and ear training. The Stevens Music and Tech
curriculum is very well rounded and it’s also very in-depth. The Music and
Technology program here at Stevens puts technology at the center of a practice
but keeps it focused on creating. As a Visual Arts and Technology major, I feel
like if I went to any other college I would have had to do a double major with
fine arts and technology. But here they had it together as one major and I
really appreciated that. The intersection of art and technology – both things that
which I’m passionate about. In addition to a strong technical foundation and a
skills-based foundation, we’re really trying to prepare students to be able to
take on any problem and make their way through that problem, answer that problem,
to not just be participants on teams but leaders on teams. So the structure of the
curriculum really helped me develop this appreciation for approaching art whether
it’s studying and critiquing it, creating it.
The faculty have so much experience within the music industry, the technology
industry. I feel really confident in the skills of my professors. I was able to do
so many things like I had not anticipated learning.
I took guitar lessons for four semesters with Carlos Alomar, who is David Bowie’s
guitar player, so that was an amazing experience to hear the kind of things
that he got to experience throughout his career. If you are looking for a really
nice tight-knit community, this is a really great place to have that. I loved
my experience here. Everyone here is so passionate about what they’re doing it’s
a very work hard, play hard type of environment. It’s just a sense of success
all around and everybody wants to see each other succeed. What I love about
Stevens is that the location for one. The campus at Stevens is absolutely
beautiful. There’s so many opportunities to go into
the city, whether it’s to see concerts or to hang out with your friends, see
Broadway shows. The jobs are right there. The proximity of New York City was very
nice. Internships were a huge part of my career here at Stevens. I had two
internships in New York City and if I had gone to any other school I’d I don’t
believe I would have had those opportunities.

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