Technologies of Ecstasy

[MUSIC PLAYING] So there’s an
amazing philosopher called Eliade, who wrote a
book about shamanism, where he spoke of psychedelic drugs
as technologies of ecstasy. Notice that he uses the
term “technologies” here. He talks about them as
mankind’s cognitive toolkit, agents of psychic
transformation. We’ve been engaging for
tens of thousands of years to transform the perceptions
of the body, mind. Hacking our awareness
and our perceptions, you know that effervescent flux
of sensation and perception that is in a way of
all we have and all we are, as Erik Davis says. The voice in your head that
lets you know you exist. These psychedelic agents,
these “meme” mutagens essentially cause mutation
and ideation in our ideas. And I think that term
“technologies of ecstasy” points to the fact
that there is something that happens in that ecstatic
place of ego death that resets the self, that gives us
temporarily access, that makes us privy to a whole host
of new, wild visions that transform the
way we see the world. And I think today, these modern
digital shamans, these ecstatic technicians of the sacred,
these doctors of the word, are the scientists and
philosophers and writers that are there making us
question our current belief systems and decoditioning
our thinking, and that has always been
the role of the shaman to unplug us and show us
the bigger, wider, more far reaching universe that goes
beyond what the eye can see. Or something like that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “Technologies of Ecstasy

  1. Those who write off #psychedelic #drugs as harmful have stopped questioning. They've decided the societal bubble wrap kool-aide is good and perpetuate the ideology of drug dogmas. I care for my sanity deeply. No need to put a fence (laws) on the edge of a cliff (drugs), I'm not dumb. I wont flirt with the cliffs edge tot he point of danger to myself. Some people are. That's too bad for them : I guess we as society have failed them. We can only show them the door. They have to walk through it. 

  2. Consciousness was made to expand the current material structures of the universe. You are the medium the universe uses to push limits of its own material existence. To not only understand what does exist, but to create what doesn't. 

  3. Your going to sell this on your sexy good looks and killer smile alone. You don't need me to subscribe. Tripping, holla at ya

  4. What do you do to come up with something like this. That is a bad question because there is nothing like this. But really what is one day like for Jason?

  5. Keep it coming, Jason! Your skill at reaching into the gut and letting that rush of incandescence explode into a clarion vision of mind expansion, so that we can learn to cultivate the innate brilliance of our interconnected dimensions of existence. Oh, oh Jason! You've zapped me! I love the developing trademark of your role as, perhaps, a cultural shaman?

  6. Technologies of Ecstasy= drugs. Don't do drugs kids, like cocaine or other horrible "Technologies of Ecstasy" that will fuck up your brain and leave you a drooling tweaking mess….

  7. Jason,amigo,siendo venezolano seria todo un detalle que nos ofrecieras tus vídeos con subtitulos en español.Antes nos dabas la opción de subtitulos en ingles pero ya ni eso. 🙁  Tu trabajo me parece fantástico y es una pena para mi no poder disfrutarlo a tope por este motivo.

  8. Thanks Jason, you just rave like the voice in my brain when I get stuck staring at the kitchen's window. You make me feel sane. Cheers !

    -State Qualified: Neurotransmitter Default                                                                                      Mode. 

  10. Shamanism does not require drugs. drumming, dancing, and breathing are also technologies of ecstasy opening doorways to transpersonal ecstasy. Check out Holotropic Breathwork developed by Stan Grof. It is powerful, safe, and legal.

  11. Holy shamanic perspective
    He is rooted in Mckennas and Elliades like Leary speaking back in the Days ! 
    Love every single word you use It was spontaneious and creative syntesis as we love these days on Youtube media tool-kit for expansion of our limitless Imagination-third Eye Awakening potencial – the whole YouTube era continuum is Psychedelic meta-tool Itself as far as I can see throuth the supernarative Matrix of Co-Evolutionairy Creation of God's Intelect – vids like this should be widely spread into new education narative of system accros the world with great method from alternative schools pioneers – I personally grow up on Salvia and really know and aprecciate what you saying and mastery connecting – go beyond reach the New galaxy. Thanks. – Writer from Czech Republic

  12. I think it must be disclosed that a high level of responsibility (i.e. knowledge of the consequences – good or bad) is recommended to go hand-in-hand with the knowledge of our ability to do such things. Many a regret has been made in the irresponsible employment of this knowledge. And it can never be unlearned or truly forgotten.Oh yes, you may be in awe. Be also prepared to cease to continue who you were and start to become someone else you need to get to know. For know this: you shall NEVER be the same. Some call it innocence lost. Others call it knowledge gained. Yet others call it a simple matter of experience. In the end, the choice is yours, to be made also at a time of your choosing. With much respect.

  13. I really enjoyed the clip, Thank you Jason. It seems like there is some dubious information in here however, might be a biased view of the content of Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Eliade. Worth looking into before swallowing whole.

  14. I've noticed if I don't watch the whole commercial it goes…the connection failed. I thought there was an opption here google…it not fair…:-)

  15. I would love to know what background music you use, because I feel like it  really  stimulates my "thinker". Anyone have a clue ? 

  16. Would you talk about " Near Death Experience " in next videos? 
    I have not much information about this case ..!!  but I heard about some people, they died and looked at themselves and also returned back to the dead body.
    and some people have the control to do that ,,!!

  17. Wow Jason, there is a infinite number of universes with different variations of people, and situations, taking place simultaneously…I've found a new good friend.
    Benjamin Smythe, Paul Lowe and Jason Silva, I don't need anything more!
    Btw at 1:20 is that guy Mooji?

  18. This is much easier to understand without watching it. The crazy visual take me out of whats being said. Still a thumbs up though!

  19. but one can also train the brain to have the same experience without drugs that could be really harmful. I have had such experiences since 7years old, first time was from a febrile episode, sometimes its more of a terrifying than ecstatic experience but organically more rich (in comparison to ingesting halluc.). Have you not met someone who was never returned to their material self in quite the same way again? Could not function? Could not look after their children? When it's great it's great; but…I love this man's brain.

  20. Jason, I had no idea who you were or what you did until you were on SourceFed Table Talk, but holy hell am I glad I found your work. You blow my mind every time. 

  21. If we think of our minds as reality, meaning that what we perceive as reality is the fact of reality itself, then shifting our minds into an altered state takes us entirely out of reality and into a new one. This only works for metacognition, and not as a full scale shift for all humans since our minds aren't linked by sense and perception entirely, but it's an interesting thought.

  22. Nearly every video that you do Jason ends with a conclusion, a direction, something to grasp the least–that I don't predict coming from the title. That itself is wonderful magic, at the least.

  23. What if. "Reality, it seems, is multiple, and tightly coupled into perception. The conditions of perception can be varied within a broad range by a variety of psychedelic technologies." – Diana Slattery

    So. Perception is sight, touch, sound and smell. Conditions is the computer I am staring at, the lynx on my desk and the Ice next to my light. Broad range is physics interacting with reality. Psychedelic is the will which causes my interaction. Ok.

  24. Mircea Eliade – Romanian Philosopher, Historian, SF writer and teacher at the University of Chicago !

  25. I hate to over simplify this video because I really am a fan, but did he basically just say drugs help is progress with new ideas?

  26. The ads are abominable. I abhor ads. What's the message?  "Look at me. Whether you want to or not".  Obnoxious.

  27. thank you for encouraging  people to reach out to the comfort the edge offers and that it is indeed alright to jump!

  28. Hi Jason, I hate to sound like a douchey know it all but Mircea Eliade in "Shamanism, The Techniques of ecstacy" actually believed Psychadelic's to be decadent, he thought drumming, meditation etc were the authentic "original" techniques that shaman's used for millenia to contact the divine (this is not my personel view by the way, it was probably his french interlectual world view that brought about his misconception of drugs). He unfortunatly only mentions psychadelic drugs very briefly in the book. Much Love Jason, Keep up the awsome work

  29. Found some parallels between Carlos Casteneda's work and Nisardgata Infinite portals that break through the delusions of weighted sight. A non-finite assemlage point between focused and peripheral vision where the focus ceases to be grasped and and the infite reflection with connection as the actual is established. Got this theory gravity has conned the senses into adding emotional weight to eyesight, yet gravity really has little impact on light.

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