Technically Compatible – Northern Stars Winner 2017

My name’s Mike Rohan, I’m the CEO of
Technically Compatible. We exist to help recruiters hire better candidates. We
exist to help their organizations build better teams. We appreciate that it’s
hard to to make good hires in the tech sector. Companies are usually faced with
either getting HR to run their interview processes and that’s not great because HR don’t know development and they’re not great at interviewing developers. You
could get developers to interview developers, but that’s too expensive and
they are too precious a resource so we recognize that only a tech solution
could deliver and the consistency and the sort of process that companies would
need to run candidates through. And we do this through our online candidate
intelligence platform which enables all of our clients to build up bespoke,
branded assessments, which are unique to their organization and they’re unique to
their roles. I think doing the regional really helped to prepare me for
something like this because standing in front of 500 people with
lights blaring in your face is not something you do every day of the week.
Every time your organization gets a hiring decision wrong it will cost them
£132,000 to put it right; a terrifying statistic. And no one feels the pain of recruitment more than us in the tech
sector. We were a spinoff from a previous business that was in the
assessment sector ,and our CTO and his developers were wasting hours every week interviewing candidates that should never really have got in front of them. So this
was a side project within that business, when that business was sold, this was spun out as a as a separate entity three years ago. So by this time next year I’ll
be telling you that we’ve raised a fantastic round of investment in the
spring, we’ve doubled the size of our tech team and we’ve got our first
employees outside the UK. So we’re looking to recruit guys in Australia and
forming an Asian sales team, probably in the
second half of next year. It’s great to come off the stage after loads of prep
and to realize you’ve done the team and you’ve done the business justice. To have
heard the name being called out was just otherworldly, it was brilliant. And having seen and heard about the experiences of guys that have been through it before,
the previous sort of alumni, really excited for what lies ahead. Surprisingly
heavy! Obviously spent a few quid on these Tech North, thank you.

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