Well Hello to all is to all for Tech news N 5 Start with onePlus OnePlus 6 launch date confirmed The launch date of OnePlus 6 was finally confirmed, thanks to a combination of of rumors, leaks and information from the company itself. Through the official OnePlus account on Twitter, the company revealed that the launch date of OnePlus 6 is set for 16 May. Customers who are waiting impatiently to wait a long time before knowing what OnePlus 6 offers. The OnePlus 6 announcement will take place in London and for interested customers with the unveiling of the smartphone, OnePlus has started the early sale of tickets since 25 April at 18 € each or about 21,95 $. Regular tickets, at a cost of 34 € each, will take the place of the tickets for the early bird draw starting at from 27 April to the evening. Apple iPhone SE 2 would have iPhone X display, and will borrow more features flagship Apple iPhone SE is among the most purchased iPhones in India. As a result, many eyes in India and around the world are turned to his successor – iPhone SE 2 – which, according to industry experts, should be launched during the first half of this year. Very much in line with what some previous leaks have also suggested, a new tip was shared by Ben Geskin on Twitter, who claims that the iPhone SE 2, which has been the subject of many rumors, will have many features and will be inspired by iPhone X, the company’s current flagship. Separately, rumors in the past also suggest that the iPhone SE 2 will continue to present the 4 inch screen as its predecessor. In addition, rumors have it that the iPhone will be powered by an Apple A10 Fusion under the hood, which will come with 2GB of RAM. iPhone SE 2 is supposed to continue on the existing color options, which are money, gold and grey space. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes with Gnome desktop, Kuberflow and Nvidia GPU acceleration. The latest version of Ubuntu Long Term Support edition – 18.04 LTS – contains a a number of new offers for both desktops and servers. LTS represents a version of Ubuntu that offers full support over five years. There will be many versions of the operating system in the coming months, but each, although stable, is only supported for nine months, which gives the possibility of to continue to update or switch to LTS feed. One of the strengths will be the improved management of AI – including Kuberflow integration – Tensorflow for Kubernetes, the containerization platform in Google cloud. Kubernetes is of course supported under the name of CDK (Canonical Deployment of Kubernetes). “Having an operating system adapted to advanced workloads such as AI and ML is essential for a high-speed team,” said David Aronchick, Cloud AI product manager at Google. Finally The second generation glasses of Snap are larger and more expensive. Snap today launched the new generation of glasses, its portable camera, with new features for shooting and water resistance. Sunglasses, which have the same striking shape as the first generation model, have been refined and are now available in three jewelry shades: onyx (black), rubies (red) and sapphire (blue). Available starting today on Spectacles.com for $150 – $20 more than the previous model. Eyeglasses are on sale today in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. in France. They will be available on 3 May in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Finland, Poland, Spain, Italy and Ireland. And here is all for this tech news do not hesitate to subscribe for more news and from other high-tech topics

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