Hello has all for this Piece of news(Short story) Technews N 4 A poll(sounding) of the EU puts in danger the offer Shazam d’ Apple The repurchase of a service(department) of musical identification by Apple Inc. Shazam faces(deals with) a thorough survey(investigation) of the European Union while regulators antitrust were afraid that the iPhone can use the data of the application for attract the customers towards his(her,its) own music service(department). THE EU fixed the deadline of September 4th to determine if Apple could have one inequitable access to commercially sensitive(perceptible) data on the users of services(departments) competitors of music streaming. He(It) will also verify if the competitors of Apple Music would be hurt if Apple owed prevent Shazam from sending them customers. The secure account Gmail seems to send an unwanted mail by e-mail Google draft(milking) at present one of the strangest cases of spam by e-mail that we saw. The users of Gmail with completely reassured(secured) accounts discover spam messages in their sent files(cases). They did not send these emails and do not have no idea of how they arrived there. As reports(relationships) Mashable, e-mails appearing in the sent file(case) are your typical spam messages offering loans, solutions of loss of weight, and supplements of growth for the men(people). The discovery of emails led(drove) certain users to modify their passwords of account Gmail. But others confirmed that the authorization in two factors(mailmen) was always active and worked on their account. They thus turned(shot) to the forum of help(assistant) of Google. Google Affirme that the users of Gmail have nothing to be afraid of and their accounts stay reassured(secured). YOUTUBE – ADMINISTRATOR, PARTNERSHIPS OF CONTENTS YouTube recruits a person in charge of partnerships of contents, member(limb) of the team LatAm Content Partnerships based in Miami. The role will be responsible for musicians’ wallet(portfolio) YouTube workbenches in sides other musical groups established under major labels, independent labels or management companies. You will also be the contact point for the other actors of the landscape of the industry musical. Your role will be external and internal at the same time with numerous transverse initiatives. you will find the Link in description Asus created a buzz with its partnership with Flipkart last week. And now they took(brought) out their last telephone, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. On the paper, he(it) checks all the boxes of a mid-range telephone. we find few(little) of smartphones in the interesting value for money and in the characteristics interesting. Often the builders(manufacturers) prefer to emphasize a quits particular point to abandon the rest. Asus surprises us here with a device in the tempting and well-balanced characteristics We do not still know everything of this smartphone. Nevertheless, we know that he(it) embarks a state-of-the-art processor Snapdragon 636, 4 or 6Go of RAM or another big battery(drum kit) of 5000 mAh. a double sensor photo main thing(head teacher) of 13 and 5 megapixel placed in horizontal capable to register(record) it 4K. The screen opts for a resolution FHD + and Obviously, a sensor of imprints and fast load(responsibility) he(it) will be available dice his(its) exit(release) under the last version of Android: 8.1 Oreo! India, he(it) is quoted at the 135-euro price(prize) in version 4Go and 160 in his(its) version 6Go. No information however concerning its availability international and here is everything for this technews, to subscribe you to miss nothing Excellent day

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