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hi welcome to another episode of privacy
matters my name is Tobin I’m your host I’m the founder and CEO of the world’s
first private social network called you space John Constantine recently
published an article about the must-have regulation for Facebook and he hit the
nail on the head so your connections on Facebook correspond to a connection in
real life so here you have a connection here for real life and it’s a reflection
of how you live you let’s say you did want to move on your social connections
off of Facebook onto another platform it’s not possible this may seem like a
small matter but the point that John makes is that because users are blocked
from this process of making a competitive choice to another platform
that doesn’t data-mine you or treat you better or doesn’t allow third-party
integrations or doesn’t have BOTS talkers etc etc what he’s saying is if
there’s a better option the consumer doesn’t have the opportunity to when
they when they move they move alone and then they are forced to manually
recreate their network part of the advantage of you space is that it’s for
your inner circle right so we don’t you have hundreds of people you know over
here use space is actually very useful if you just know for people if you know
five people if you know two people you have an open connection that’s private
and discrete for the rest of your life we say Facebook is for acquaintances
maintenance and then use spaces for your inner circle so it’s this is your inner
circle and also like important projects and important work let’s say Facebook
does something here you know here’s Facebook ruling over this and then they
have X and then this breach and then this
unethical thing and then there’s people dying in Malaysia here and all of these
these events don’t allow people these events don’t allow people to go because
they’re blocked so these it’s an anti-competitive environment because no
matter what Facebook does this user does not have a reasonable and efficient way
to punish Facebook for bad behavior by simply leaving the platform and moving
their entire social graph onto another platform and their friends can also do
that which would quickly build connections and build up a network and
fight against what’s called the network effect effect which works for Facebook
Facebook fights against the network effect because they’re locked on to it
right so a huge amount of their power in people’s lives you are locked into their
system and you can’t leave otherwise you’re abandoning your friends so
Facebook when you try to delete your profile when I deleted my profile last
year it said it was like three months and then maybe it was six months or a
month I don’t know what it is but it takes a long time for Facebook to
actually delete your profile because they want to centralize everyone here
inside their platform they don’t want you to leave they really don’t want you
to leave and when you do leave they have all these you know Jacob will miss you
you know this friend will miss you you’re you’re abandoning your friends
and Families Facebook is leveraging your personal connections in order to keep
you on the platform so there equative a spoke with connecting with other people
now that’s not unique to Facebook connecting with other people is simply a
digital social networks function you can connect better with other people on you
space the regulation that John is calling for is okay let’s just remove
this barrier and allow people to make a choice safely and securely it’s it’s
entirely possible you can ex and you can import it into another
platform and easily move now if this happens if this gateway opens then the
next time Facebook does something that’s really offensive like integrate into a
single platform that it’s planning in two years then users can make the choice
instead of the government pushing regulation like breaking up Facebook for
example this empowers the consumers to make their own decision and to reward or
punish platforms for good or bad behavior because this would apply to all
platforms all platforms would have to have data portability because it would
be regulation I assume that’s that’s how it would work but obviously the first
platform that would need data portability is Facebook now the other
issue with this is antitrust regulation would take likely years in order to
enact this is a single regulation that opens up Facebook and allows people to
go where they prefer to go and they can do it on mass like entire groups of
people can bring their entire group of people over to the next platform
obviously since we’re competing platform that’s helpful to us it’s not we don’t
think that it’s required I think that this migration is happening anyway the
just the fundamental principle of empowering the consumer to make that
decision and allowing them to not be walled in not have their relationships
held hostage on a single platform and allowing them to move to whatever
platform they want to maintain their relationships and is obviously great
consumer legislation and should be enacted immediately it’s something that
would not be hard to create it would be very easy to enforce it could be done
very quickly as opposed to breaking up or dismantling Facebook it is the
regulation that we need for social networks thanks for watching privacy
matters and I’ll talk to you next time

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