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Hey hey, world. Abby here and you know what day it is – National
Cream Filled Chocolates Day. Oh, and February 14th, an annual cheersing
to loved ones and indulgence in heart shaped candies. We are feeling the love, here with a treat
of our own: another episode of Subscription60, where we break down the goings on in the subscription
universe and the recurring revenue resources you can’t miss. Check it out now. Remember, you must sign up at
for access to episodes in full and info on the resources and headlines we cover. In resources
There’s a fine line between micromanagement and not enough. The Startup blogger Aytekin Tank reflects
on past managers, with concrete advice on how to lead “the middle way.” We’re loving Prezi for their infographic
grasping our ping-ponging attention spans. Turns out our spans may not necessarily be
shorter, but sure are evolving. Here’s how you can leverage that tidbit
to keep your staff, and yourself, engaged. Churning butter may sound more lucrative than
churning customers, but it’s crucial to remember churn rate captures only one dimension
of business. Chargebee sends us a reminder and walks us
through the craft and craftiness of interpreting SaaS churn. In headlines
TechCrunch launches Extra Crunch, a subscription for readers to get down with the nitty gritty
of what makes the startup world tick. Kajabi, the business builder that fosters
users monetizing their know-how, launches community features for the first time. Buffer social media management makes sharing
to Instagram even more seamless with an update that allows pro and business users to select
thumbnails for video, which means no more unflattering mid-sentence screen grabs. (Because I know that life far too well.) In extra time, let’s find those products
to enhance your world. Life comes at you fast, and if you’re constantly
trying to keep up, you’re bound to crash. Take a step back and consider downloading
Via Negativa, a sort of “to-don’t list.” It’s the productivity app that works in reverse,
trimming your to-do list to the bare minimum. Via Negativa is all about completing what’s
crucial and only that, so you can take that well deserved break, and be refreshed and
ready for what’s to follow. That about covers it, your Thursday Subscription60. Stay ahead of the curve by subscribing (if
you haven’t already) at You’ll receive this series plus a link to
details on everything we cover. From ProfitWell Recur, I’m Abby, and I’ll
see ya Friday.

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