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Our Grand Prize Winner Number 38 PointShop! So if PointShop could come on up, and claim
your large cardboard check. Up next we’re gonna skip over to 38… PointShop.Space Hello Hi everyone we’re here to present PointShop.Space PointShop aims to provide a seamless “point
and shop” experience Integrating product recognition, with augmented
overlays of relevant information In our demo here today you can see
That we’re recognizing an iPhone We’re able to provide a product listing above
it And we’re also able to get information about
the company that made it Including a map where they are located
We’re also able to give you directions on how to get there
As well as relevant product information Such as on the left you can see an iPad
Including a size comparison And we’re also able to provide other products
Such as the Galaxy S7 And the Mophie accessory on the bottom And finally we’re also able to provide a transaction
on the platform itself And… Success! Thank you very much, look forward to your

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