TechCrunch Disrupt | Northern Stars – 5 things we learned

Hi I’m Esme Caulfield and I’m the
Northern Stars programme lead and I’m coming at you from TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin. It’s day two of the conference and we’ve been here as Tech North but
also with our Northern Stars winners. Part of their prize package was to come
and exhibit here at TechCrunch, so let’s go and meet our first Northern Stars
winner. Jonny can you tell me what you’ve learned from being here at TechCrunch Disrupt? Yeah actually it’s been really useful for us being around other startups so we’ve had some really interesting conversations with some of
the guys around here finding out about what other opportunities there are for
us, whether it’s to do with investment or helping recruit, particularly technically
because that’s something that we’re going to do next year so that’s been
really useful for us. Ben, what’s your takeaway from TechCrunch Disrupt? It’s
been really interesting to see some of the world’s best startups – I’ve
been watching the battlefield contests and spent some time looking around the
hall all the other startups down there and it’s really made us think in terms
of how big and how ambitious we can be with our own technology development,
facing ourselves versus some of the world’s best startups. I’ve learned a fair bit about blockchain and sort of crypto currencies that’s something that I wasn’t
expert on before. I’ve learned a fair bit about Japan. Our business is going to
Japan so there was a Japan government scheme here about finding housing and
recruiting people that’s going to help us a lot, so those are probably two
biggest takeaways for me. One of the main things we’ve learned is that there’s actually quite a big market for what we’re trying to do, so we’ve recently gone from being
customer facing to also being business facing and you found that so many
different industries where people actually want to have a way to have
short but impactful learning sessions for employees. The big thing we’ve noticed
actually is that our target audiences here as well to increasingly brands are
coming to the tech conferences because they want early visibility of
new tech like us, at Relative Insight, coming through so we’ve picked up many,
many leads.

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