Techcrunch DISRUPT! ¿Cómo es el mayor hackathon del mundo por dentro?

Here we are arriving to the line of the Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon,
as you see it is full of people. I’m in the TC Disrupt Hackathon,
the hackathon of the hackathons Let’s see if we can win here…
it’s going to be very difficult, because the level is ultra-high ,
this is plenty of Silicon Valley geeks… And, for now we are in the line
being burned by the sun, so we are going to be red for the pitch. So, here we are in the
TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT!! 😀 The World’s biggest hackathon,
let’s see what can we do here because doing something relevant here
is going to be hard. All it’s plenty of hackers,
they are going to give us snacks… By the way, RICOH is going to give us their 360 camera, one month before that they present it by themselves! 🙂 RICOH has a camera, that is a 360 camera,
that they haven’t even released. And we are going to present it
before them in the main stage So, let’s see if we can make them an app that people that have that camera can use. And I’m going to find where is the RICOH guy
because he has the camera The RICOH guys are here, in this case Jess We have this thing from FORD;
Qualcomm, that has given us a lot of stuff; and RICOH THETA is coming. Let’s test if the Qualcomm Developer Kit is working… And… well, till now it doesn’t seems to work. Here we have the Qualcomm SnapDragon! Hmm… it has stopped… :-/ (!?) Someone is coming with the Google Glass With the Google Glass and the eyegass frame Here you have all the teams working It’s awesome the atmosphere that we have here! This is… the Geek’s Paradise!! 😎 And it’s curious, there are also a lot of girls For example, in that table there all are girls… Also here there are some in the Microsoft table Here aren’t following the “usual” image of
the fat developer eating snaks 🙂 We have just managed to run the Android The hours are ticking, it is 5.50pm
and the time goes by pretty fast. We have made some streaming
with the RICOH without stitching Let’s see the car that Ford has bring,
a Mustang here It has to be the 2015 model That thing that has inside, the on-board computer,
is what Ford has give us to hack it In fact they have put one in almost each table Look, you see?
This is what the Mustang has inside. There is a thing that have happened to us,
that happens in EVERY hackathon Always there is a moment when you think:
“This hackathon… is not going well…” In fact, this happened in the “El Mundo “newspaper hackathon, that I won with Jordi and Javi The absolute winner team of this check of 15,000€ is… ALUXION TEAM! There was a moment at -4h/-5h of the end,
when we didn’t have anything And we get all done in the last 4 hours,
and I think that this is going to happen here. “There have been tense moments, bad moments, good moments, and finally all has been perfect” It is 7:30pm on the afternoon, or night because here the sunset is very soon And we have been thinking about
how to name the project Here the brands try to make noise, and gives $10 to anyone that registers a .CLUB domain Finally we have choosen:, for 2 years, that is… $9.98 It is 9pm, the 360 camera still doesn’t work inside the Qualcomm device See how difficult is being, there is a guy from Qualcomm trying, there is he, in my computer Trying to figure out why is not working, and… they neither know why 😛 Still we haven’t get the image working on the Qualcomm Well… we have something very beautiful (LOL) But, welll, surely Cesar testing different configurations can get the good one And I’m watching here… while all the pictures captured during the day with the Narrative are saved The Periscope website, to make something similat t Periscope to allow people get our concept I’m going outside to the light
to tell you what our project is about Look, now I’m watching a guy, with Periscope
that is running in a wheelchair marathon The guy is switching regulary to his front camera to allow people watching the race track Why there isn’t any app that allows me to look around to watch what is happening around? Periscope now isn’t a periscope, it is a fixed focus that doesn’t move This is the app we are making, the 360 PERISCOPE We have get it, we have get something in the screen! Something!! There is something, maybe is not clear,
but there is something 🙂 There is something… I’m going to move the camera… look! It is moving! Something is moving! And here we are creating a basic scene in
BabylonJS with the 360 video inside this ball This is the video I made for Kodak, it is going VERY slow There it is! A frame, another frame, another frame… Oh! it can’t run it Ok, it is 360 but… not as I expected We are trying a different resolution… we have improve a little isn’t? | César: Yes César: And I now know what is happening here Now we have the color! César: But is the correct color? | Me: yes, yes, look the green color of DISRUPT | César: oh, ok, yes A perfect and beautiful green! 🙂 Finally we have the streaming running! In the Qualcomm. It has been very difficult but there is it running! There it is the Qualcomm, there we are in the streaming, and here is the camera! Now I’m going to tell you an anecdote: A guy has come to ask us how to run the 360 camera with the Qualcomm That is what we have been doing for 12 hours and finally we have got it. Look, they are applauding! If we say him the trick… the thing about the trick is that it isn’t difficult to do it, it is difficult to find it So this is a competition, it is a pity, but we haven’t told him how to do it 😛 We have wished him good luck and… maybe tomorrow someone will break our legs 🙂 12.30am the Qualcomm isn’t charging the camera so we need to stop some time to charge it And in the meanwhile I’m going to eat something here, if there is still food. Let’s see, I think there are some tasty tamales Let’s get one “How do you pronounce your name?” It happens me very often,
here people don’t know how to pronounce my name I like spicy stuff Midnight lunch to continue the hackathon! There is already people sleeping in the ground here in IBM Watson We have just realized that the hackathons doesn’t takes 24H, it takes far less We have started at 1.30pm and it ends at 9.30am! :-O 6.00am, and we are trying to stitch the video in real time Let’s see if we can expand the image… We are near, we are near! More or less.. 6.30am, 3 hours left to present I have switched to glasses 😎
because I couldn’t suffer more the contact lenses We have made here the Minimum Viable Product 7.00am, here we have a beautiful dawn The sun is shyning and at least it enables the hormones that make you feel that is daytime and avoid to sleep Let’s see if there is already the breakfast Oh! Here it is the breakfast! Let’s see what we have… Well, fruit… not bad With the excitement I had forgotten to record because we have sent all in the last minute You can see that I have dirty glasses, eye bags, I haven’t slept And they are moving us out from this area,
to the main stage area We don’t know being the last coming here is better or worse, but we have just entered being the last ones So maybe we are the first presenting [[ Techcrunch plays DUBSTEP for the waiting time ]] We are the #78 so I have used the time
to go to the bathrooms It seems to be very necessary for all the competitors, because the bath was ultra full I’m returning to the main stage area, and so I get how the others are doing their pitch. Let’s see 🙂 I am back to get some water, a juice, and… that’s it.
It must be done!! :-O 😀 Well the presentation has finised, I can’t tell that I’m proud, but also I can’t tell that I’m not. Because, well, the demo has worked, and it haven’t worked for a lot of people. Well, it’s been a lot of time since we presented, and people are still presenting in the screen Let’s see if we finally end, because we are very sleepy. It is 3pm and we haven’t slept since yesterday 9am. Not bad. Look, people are starting to fall asleep, that girl is there lying on the floor I would do the same, but let’s wait… half an hour to see if they give us something Well, here it is Qualcomm, let’s see what happens! 😀 2nd at Qualcomm! Well we have the 2nd prize at Qualcomm, not bad.
Let’s see what 1st have done 🙂 On the exit we got the 1st prize from RICOH and DOLBY 😀 😀 WANT MORE? SUBSCRIBE! (Thanks!) And SHARE IT! (Re-thanks!)

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