TechCrunch Disrupt 2015: Startup Alley

[MUSIC] This is the TechCrunch Disrupt Demo Pit in New York City. Now this is TechCrunch, but Pied Piper isn’t here because it’s fictional. But TechCrunch is real, and these are the real companies that you’re going to be hearing more about in the coming months and years. Let’s go check them out. This is the iPhone 6 case from Nikola Labs. This company has figured out a way to take power that is all around us from radio waves, from a phone itself, from a wi-fi router, convert it into a tiny bit of electrical energy and keep devices like phones from discharging quite so quickly. In the future, these guys say that this technology can be used to power sensors and other low power devices. So they never need batteries or to be plugged in, ever. So this is the Dollar Shave Club of toothbrushes. This is Quip. It is a toothbrush that will come to your house every three months, for either $5 a month or $10 if you want it to come with toothpaste too. Maybe you’ve heard of Project Ara, Google’s modular smart phone. This is the Nexpaq. No relation. It’s a modular smartphone case. You can plug in modules here to do almost anything. There are lights. There’s a USB stick. There’s a laser pointer. There’s a button. You name it, if you want a module to expand your phone width, you can probably get it on the NextPaq Smartphone Case. You can use your iPhone’s camera to take real 3-D photos, with this app from Visual Vertigo, The app tells you to pan an image to the left, and then it converts it immediately into a 3-D photo you can look at with these weird 3-D goggles. This is the ultimate in robotic technology. It is the Somabar, $429 robot consumer bartender. Put your six favorite liquids into the pods. Leave it in your kitchen, and whenever you want a drink, hit a button on your smart phone, and out it comes. I have got to get me one of these. So those are the cool start ups we’re gonna be seeing soon. For Yahoo Tech, I’m Rafe Needleman. Download the Yahoo! app to your phone or tablet. [MUSIC] Yahoo!

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