Tech World: Google & Facebook tackle fake news, Samsung buys Harman & more

Hello, I’m Georgie, and welcome to Tech
World, your quick round up of the top technology news stories from across the globe. For this
episode’s hot topic interview, we’ll be speaking with Richard Goold from EY about
tech mergers and acquisitions. First though, here are your top international
stories. Samsung acquired connected car tech firm Harman
International Industries for $8bn. This marks the biggest overseas deal made by the South
Korean tech giant, and will enable it to branch out into the area of connected vehicles.
The firm is in a bit of hot water at the moment, though, with the South Korean authorities
raiding Samsung’s offices. This is part of a corruption investigation allegedly involving
South Korea’s president, its national pension fund and Samsung. Chinese tech giant Coolpad reported a sales
blow, causing its shares to fall by almost 10%. The smartphone company blamed tough economic
conditions and increased competition for the decline in sales. Facebook and Google announced measures to
tackle the distribution of fake news online. Both have vowed to prevent fake news sites
from accessing their vast advertising networks, depriving them of a key revenue source. Meanwhile, Twitter made a bit of a blunder
recently, accidentally suspending the account of its own chief executive – Jack Dorsey.
His account was suspended for around half an hour due to an “internal mistake”,
which also caused his follower count to fall from almost 4 million to less than 150. Those are your top technology stories for
this month. For this episode’s Hot Topics interview,
I spoke with Richard Goold of EY about mergers and acquisitions in the technology space. What’s been going on in the world of tech
M&As in 2016? Well, it’s been an incredibly busy year so
far, what we’ve seen have been quarter-on-quarter rises, and it’s being driven by a series of
things – technology companies with huge balance sheets are buying more technology companies,
private equity investors are investing heavily, but interestingly, we’ve seen skyrocketing
of non-technology companies buying technology companies globally. Have we seen any regions being particularly
active? Well, the whole globe is active, both in the
volume of deals that are happening and the money that’s being spent, but the clear winner
continues to be the US – the US strategic buyers have got the balance sheets and the
appetite to keep on snapping up these tech companies. What about the types of companies that have
been acquired? Well, by volume we’ve seen cloud be the far
and out winner, there is just more rising cloud businesses that are being acquired globally,
but by value, we’re seeing absolute winners in the Internet of Things, connected cars,
smart mobility and security areas. And how does all this compare to previous
years? The types of technology companies that are
being acquired will change year-on-year, because disruptive technologies will continue to advance,
but we’re seeing a clear rise year-on-year and quarter-by-quarter of both volume and
value, so I think that’s a trend that’s likely to continue. So, 2017 is set to be an exciting year for
tech M&As. Richard, thank you very much. Thank you. That’s it for this month’s episode, for more
technology news updates, make sure you hit the thumbs up button and subscribe.

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