Tech Things: UITS student guide 2019 • Chapter Five • Deals (Audio Description)

>>Drifting neon red block
letters float together to form the title, Tech Things. Red letters appear, Chapter
Five, Everything Must Go. Two students walk
through a warehouse full of computer equipment,
typewriters and old rotary telephones. A sign reads Deals,
Deals, Deals.>>This does not look like the
place for modern technology.>>Oh, leave it alone. Steve said it was good
deals and good tech.>>What’s so new
about this anyways?>>One girl picks
up the receiver of an old rotary telephone. The lights blink off. White particles float
through the air, and the other girl
has disappeared.>>Looking for tech? We offer deals on
new stuff you want.>>Nancy?>>Like discounts at
Dell, Apple and AT&T.>>Nancy?>>Plus, IU Ware and
IU Anyware have most of the software you need at
no additional cost to you.>>Vines creep slowly
around the equipment and toward the remaining girl.>>Learn more at
uits.iu.edustudentguide.>>UITS, University
Information Technology Services, copyright 2019, the Trustees
of Indiana University,

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