Tech The Halls

Why deck the halls this holiday, when you can “tech the halls” with great gifts for everyone? Emmy award winning consumer technology journalist, Jennifer Jolly will tell you how. Jennifer’s picks: Discover a world without limits with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 Logitech Circle 2 is whole home security made simple DIY tech with Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit and build and power a drone with conductive ink doodles For the ultimate in gift-giving, GoFundMe is the #1 most-trusted leader in fundraising through “crowdfunding” for the people and causes you care about Only at GameStop can you get the GameCube wireless controllers from PowerA for the Nintendo Switch in gold and silver Suggested questions for Jennifer: Tell us about the latest Samsung phone. You can’t talk tech gifts without asking about smart home security. What do you have? .And for DIY-er aspiring engineers? Any year? What do you have for gamers? Where can we get more

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