Tech That Died This Decade

Victoria Barranco: I really,
really miss the headphone jack. Nich Carlson: I really,
really like AirPods, and so I’m OK with the
headphone jack being gone. Jacqui Frank: Also I have
a headphone jack now, so I’m really smug about it. I switched from iPhone to Android. It wasn’t the No. 1 reason
that I decided to do that, but the headphone jack
was important to me. Barranco: Now I’ve got this stupid dongle that I’ve lost literally three times in order to listen to my music, and I’m not buying into the
whole AirPods things, I refuse. Frank: I mostly use Bluetooth headphones, so it’s actually not a huge impact to me but still is an irritation. If my headphones were
dead and I also wanted to charge my phone, I could never do that, and I don’t like being in that situation. Barranco: It’s just the
security of knowing, OK, if it did fall out of my ears, it’s not gonna, like, go
rolling down the subway or something. It’s like, OK,
still attached to my phone if my headphones drop out. Carlson: Remember how you
would, like, move your arm and just knock the
earphones out of your ears? And then sometimes you’d get
them caught on a door handle as you were walking into a room? If we had to sacrifice the headphone jack to get AirPods, which I don’t
think is what we had to do, but if that’s what we had to
do, then it was a great trade. Frank: I just don’t
understand why tech companies want us to choose. Like,
just give us what we want. We didn’t ask for foldable screens, we asked for headphone
jacks. It’s so simple. Carlson: We got rid of the headphone jack so that Apple could sell
more iPhones and AirPods. That is why it is gone. I know that a lot of people
are very upset about it, but I have AirPods. I’m good. Alex Appolonia: AOL Instant Messaging. Danielle Cohen: AIM was an
instant-messaging platform. Frank: AIM is basically text messaging before text messaging was a thing. Appolonia: I remember the sound of getting a notification, though. That’s, like, embedded in my head. Wait, now, it’s like, da-ding!
Like, what was it like? Da-da-ding. Carlson: Oh, I remember SmarterChild. Alyse Kalish: Yes, SmarterChild. It got, like, really scary. I feel like I would, like,
try to flirt with him and, like, see if he was interested. Cohen: I actually had
maybe four AIM usernames. xxxprettyinpinkxx. Paige DiFiore: colesprouse4ever
with the 4. That was me. Appolonia: cheerdivaAl12. I wasn’t a diva. I don’t know why that was
part of my screen name. Frank: firesparx14. Jennifer Ortakales: sweetchick130693. Carlson: And then I was also boltz999. William Antonelli: swordscape40,
because that was the name I used for RuneScape. Shannon Murphy: joejonaslover1996, and I would leave away messages, like, depending on who he was dating. I’d be like, “I don’t
like you Taylor Swift,” or like, “I don’t like you Demi Lovato.” Something ridiculous, as if they would see my AIM away message. Cohen: If a boy liked me, he would write “Dani

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100 thoughts on “Tech That Died This Decade

  1. I really don't like people with iphones say, "I miss the headphone jack". Get an Android phone or a feature phone instead. Headphone jacks are alive and are a factor that affects the sale of cellphones atleast here in India.

  2. Didn't Myspace die around 2010? I remember using it up to 2010 when Myspace was redesigned and everyone was like wtf is this. Switch to Facebook 🤣

  3. Everyone’s talking about the headphone jacks I’m more upset about MagSafe like I am not spending 2000$ for laptop to crash because let’s be honest that’s what’s going to happen

  4. "We didn't want foldable phone "
    Well lady, I think that's called innovation because of which your even having a touchscreen phone .

  5. 😔 blockbuster…

    However I’m an Apple user, I hate the headphone jack thing, however they’re pushing the future of wireless

  6. …and here I was in my early-mid 20s when Blockbuster and AIM were popular… while all these people were apparently children… Anyway AIM wasn't the first of its kind, before it came ICQ, and I actually still have AIM on my computer at the moment… Also, I'm pretty sure that I still see DVD rental vending machines in supermarkets…

  7. Loathe earbuds in general, as they always fall out. Earbuds with no tethering are 👹. Full over ear headphones (corded) are the best. Never owed BT earbuds or headphones that weren't staticy & choppy if my phone was in my pocket, forcing me to hold my at least chest high for clarity.

  8. For people who eat like they have free healthcare y'all got to be dumb to think that headphone jacks are dead.

  9. The downfall of vine is actually so sad. The creator actually died from an overdose not to long ago. It probably wouldve hurt so much for him to see the success of tik tok

  10. Hmm.. Interesting video.. I wonder why I am watching the video on a BlackBerry Key2 with an earphone jacked to it?!?!

  11. I miss the headphone jack but I guess if you could afford a new iPhone every year then maybe you'll be able to afford airpods

  12. Couldn't you find more pretentious sounding hipsters in your clickbaity video, I feel it’s not buzzfeed standard yet to reach the algorithm.

  13. Headphone jack are still alive because jack can only produce 3D sounds and that's why gaming headphone are using for that

  14. People in here thinks Apple is the only smartphone world when they only occupy about 23% of the entire smartphone market. THE HEADPHONE JACK ISN'T DEAD YET!

  15. I refuse to remove the AIM app from my phone. I had the same account since 1998 and spent way too much time on AIM. I still know people I met on AIM. RIP AIM.

  16. Umm…why are headphone jacks and wire earbuds/phones in this?! I'm using both now on one of the latest androids. Apple might not design with them anymore but that doesn't mean they're dead and out of style now. They're talking like they been out of market for years or something…so extra. This vid is sure playing up the hipster stereotype. 😂😂🤣🤣

  17. All the comments are about headphones jacks. Was that the only take away from this video.
    Not even the fact that I thought the Aim logo was supposed to be some app about pedestrians

  18. Learned how to these things via AIM and AOL chatrooms:


    B====D~~ ( o Y o )

    All while having Michael Jackson's "Rock with you" lyric chime every time I posted.

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