Tech Talk Tuesday // Feniex GEO Interior Lightbar

hey everyone we’re back with Tech Talk
Tuesdays I’m Kyle and back here with Juan this week how’s it going guys so today
we’re gonna be talking about one of our new products we just launched the Geo
interior l ight bar and we’re also gonna be doing a side-by-side comparison
between the geo light bar and the fusion light bar and as usual we have a list of
topics that we’re going to be talking about with these products just feel free
to ask questions we’ll answer them at the end we’re gonna go over some topics that we have set ready and set up mm-hmm so just to kick things
off we do have a list of questions we’ve already compiled and we’re just gonna be
reading them off and answering them as we go
so one of the first questions is do you plan to add any more geo interior light
bars to the line such as a rear bar or a dash light the answer is at the moment
we are focusing on this particular bar based on the man it could potentially
open it up for additional products but for right now we’re launching with the
interior geo light bar so that’s our starting point what’s included
with my kit for my geo inner light bar well it’s included obviously the light
bar ten-foot harness and every piece of bracketry that you would need in order
to be able to install it on your vehicle what type of vehicle would typically
utilize this type of bar the geo light bar well you know mostly utility trucks
tow trucks work trucks any roadside assistance trucks any POV vehicles
that kind of vehicle is most suitable for this type of bar is it easy to
install these types of bars absolutely and we make it so easy we have all the
bracketry included so you’d have to all you have to do is install it on your Sun
Visor and basically if the light bar just kind of clips on to there do we
have a bracket guide absolutely we do the brackets the light bar come in these
poly bags and in the poly bag you’ll be able to
see the different types of brackets that we have for for the different types of
vehicles that we offer the the brackets for so yes we do have the types of
brackets and a bracket guide for them what’s the light spread on the GEO so the the
light spread is going to be a little different than the fusion these are
gonna have 60 degree angled lenses they’re gonna look like that they’re
gonna match the colors of the lens is going to match the color of the LED
so that’s gonna be 60 degrees over here so and as compared to the fusion line
you guys know those of you know our products that we have two options one of
them is gonna be the 40 degrees spread and the 180 degree spread and basically
that’s just the angle at which the light is dispersed so why would I choose a
larger light spread over the other so why would I choose a 180 degree spread
over a 40 degree spread very simple it makes mostly for a visibility let’s say
that you are a vehicle on route to a scene you’re gonna want to be seen on
intersections and different types of crowded places so if you have 180
degrees spread more vehicles more people are going to be able to see you and 40
degrees spread is just gonna be able to make you visible at a longer distance so
that’s some of the questions here Kyle is gonna I think he has another few
questions to answer yeah so some other common questions we get are is the
fusion brighter than the geo or is the geo brighter than the fusion so just
just a note I’m gonna turn these on to kind of show you the difference in
brightness just it’s on camera so the best way to see it is really in person
but she’s gonna show you what it looks like on camera I also note the the Geo
you might with our cameras you’re gonna see some kind of flicker that’s just the
camera in real life you don’t see that so here is the fusion on a steady on blue
and then the Geo steady on amber lenses so you can see the blue steady on amber
steady on it’s the same it’s the same out Cree four watt LED that we’re using
in both that each fusion module has six LEDs and each GEO has three LEDs yeah
so that’s just kind of steady on I’m gonna take turn them off here another
question we get is do they have cruise dim mode they do not have cruise dim
mode for the interior light module Oh interior light bar what flash patterns
are there on geo and on fusion so it’s the same flash pattern same set of flash
patterns you can see them on our instruction manuals just same same exact
flash patterns what’s the major price difference between the two so there’s
six LEDs on on the fusion and three LEDs on the Geo so there’s a slight price
difference and the Geo starts at $399 and the fusion starts at $599
what’s the amperage pull on geo inner bars is it more than the fusion so
they’re both rated five amps each each interior light bar three to five amps so
they’re gonna pull just about the same amount of current does the GEO come in
dual color does not come and dual color you can get alternating lenses or
half-half so I can do amber green lenses alternating or I can do half half the
light bar in amber half and green or blue and red or alternating blue and red
those are the different configuration options but unlike the fusion the fusion
you can do each module as dual color can you alternate colors on the fusion inner
bars another question we commonly get you can’t alternate on the fusion bar
you can just do a dual color so each module you can make two colors but you
can’t alternate the colors between between modules like you can on the Geo
and last question I have here is do the Geo interior light bars work with a non
Feniex controller so you can see the harness here the harness
has just your mode wire so there’s there’s two modes here and you can
activate your patterns with those those are activated by 12-volt positive and
that’s you they will work with any controller that has a 12 volt output so
so it looks like we have already have some questions here online so we’re
gonna turn over to those so feel free to ask some questions we’ll try to
get to them make sure that they’re specific about the Geo interior light
bar and we’ll get right to them so let’s see Eric he’s asking why the Geo
color lens instead of a clear lens it could potentially be more powerful right
so we do have the clear lens that’s only for the white LED however the Geo is
intended for you know work trucks and the like so we are offering them
currently with the color lenses as of right now so if there’s again if there’s
demand we could potentially open it up to additional lens covers for those
there’s a question by Allan it says PWM so that’s that’s dimming we’re
not dimming with with the Geo there’s just steady on no dimming available how bright is it I mean they’re they’re really really bright we can turn them on
again real quick just so you guys can see keep in mind that the camera doesn’t
really do justice but they are they are extremely bright and very visible
remember these have the 60 degree fixed lenses whereas the fusion has the 40
degree or the 180 degree capability so so the angle of light dispersion is
going to be fixed on these light bars so very bright eric spitzer if you’re doing
lens could this possibly be in purple for funeral business so you know
anything’s possible as long as you have the volumes to support it you can call
in talk to your sales representative and kind of explore that option a little bit
more so yeah just a little bit of more about the light bar they include the 10x
controller so plenty of flashing patterns available again they come with
they come with color lenses matching the led that is so that you get a more true
color of the LED so extremely bright that’s what they look like working so we have andreas another question is
it possible to sync the traffic visor function of my GPL with the traffic
advisor of the rear deck fusion so you can’t there’s no syncing functionality
you can turn them on at the same time but there’s no actual sync wire to sync
those Jesse Mayfield, why not data link on interior bars the data link is
specific to the 4200 DL controller the these are not going to come with any
sort of data link the controller is the piece of equipment that will come with
with a data link for the products so Gavin blanks is asking are
there geo takedowns dual mode so the takedowns there’s there’s no takedown
option by default for the Geo and there’s no dual color mode for the GEOs
it’s just a single color only so I hope that answers your question Chris G to
answer your questions he’s asking so no more 40 and 180 degree mix with the red
and white and a fusion bar are all fusion is going to be dual color now? No
you can actually have a mixture of light dispersion lenses as well as colors
single or dual color if you wanted to you could have 180 degree on the first
module and a 40 degree on the next module and be dual color now keep in
mind that they all have to be either dual color or all have to be single
color so thanks for asking chris is asking so no more 40 and 180
mixed with red and white in fusion bar are all fusions going to be dual color
now so fusions aren’t all going to mean you can order single color or dual color
I mean it’s not all one or the other that answers your question throw these
back on this is some people that didn’t get to see them might be able to kind of
check them out see how to see them functioning just to clarify that last question by
Austin and what Juan said, you can sink the grill lights so if you have a
fusion surface-mount but the front bar like these interior bars they’re
operated by our 10x flasher modules internally and they don’t have a sink
wire broken out so you can’t tie them to a fusion surface mount and sync them
together you can set them to a specific pattern may be a slow slow pattern turn
them on at the same time and they’ll kind of look like their sync but they’re
not actually sync thanks for the clarification
yeah Dale Combe says how about the cruise mode on the fusion? So in our
interior light bar module there is actually no cruise mode we do have
cruise mode on our mini X light bar but not on the interior light bar Donald
fritz is asking is the GEO bar thicker or they same dimensions they’re the same
exact dimensions if it yeah if you look at them kind of right here you can see
their same dimensions with their same size all right well it’s looking like
we’re kind of wrapping up on questions here thank you all for tuning in if we
didn’t get to your question we’ll try to get back to you on it later so yeah
thanks for tuning in thanks everybody

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