Tech Talk: Subwoofer Suspension Options

Hey folks! Welcome to DD Tech Talks! I’m Jake and today we’re going to talk
about the various suspension options available on American Made DD Audio Subwoofers! Stay Tuned. At the core of any subwoofer lies the spider,
or spiders in some case. The spider, or spiders…. make up the main component of a subwoofer’s
suspension system! Here at DD Audio we offer three different
suspension configurations. Number 1. Hi-Def, or soft suspension. Number 2. Power Tuned, or standard suspension. and number 3. Extra Stiff, or Extreme SPL Competition only
suspension. So, what is Hi-Def suspension? Hi-def, or soft suspension, allows for the
perfect balance of control and efficiency, and are designed for systems where fidelity
is the main focus. Soft suspension subwoofers are best suited
for compact ported enclosures and sealed enclosures. With their higher Q values and lower Fs values,
our Hi-Def line certainly looks better on paper and have a strong appeal to those concerned
with TS parameters. Shout out to my homies Neville Thiele and
Richard small! Being of higher compliance it’s important
to note that the RMS wattage and the peak power wattage will be closer to each other
on these subs. This is because these woofers require much
less power to reach XMax and even XMech! It’s Pretty soft Moving on! Power tuned suspension! It’s a little stiffer. Anyone who has used a DD subwoofer is probably
familiar with our power tuned suspension, or standard suspension, as this level of compliance
has been a hallmark of the DD subwoofer since the 90s. The low compliance of the power tuned spiders
allow the sub to maintain a great deal of control in the large ported enclosures these
subs are intended to operate in. Having a lower compliance driver means the
driver relies less on the air spring effect of the enclosure to maintain control, in turn
allowing the use of a larger enclosure that produces more bass. When your average listener is looking to get
some bump in the trunk, not only do they want it to sound good but they certainly want it
to get loud. And that’s where power tuned suspension
comes in. Next up is extra stiff suspension! This thing, might be able to kill a small
animal. Extra stiff suspension is designed pretty
much exclusively for high level car audio competitors. This suspension configuration is simply a
means to allow the competitor to push more power into a subwoofer without the sub reaching
its mechanical limits. In this application, the suspension is so
stiff that sub has trouble cooling itself even at normal RMS operations wattage. Because of this RMS power is basically tossed
aside and peak peak power, or the subwoofer’s mechanical limits, are basically all that
matters. This is where you’ll see subwoofers receiving
tens of thousands of watts for short 3-5 second periods. This is what we call a burp! Not that kind of burp. This suspension is only necessary for the
most extreme SPL competitors and should not be used in casual audio systems or daily drivers! In summary, different suspension configurations
are meant for different system applications. Softer suspension is geared toward those looking
for high fidelity and accurate sound reproduction out of a smaller enclosure. Genres like jazz, hardcore, and heavy metal. Classical. Salsa, reggae ton, mariachi, bossa nova anyone? Standard suspension is for those that want
to get pretty loud but maintain sound quality out of a larger ported enclosure. You’ll want these bad boys for genres like. Dubstep, hip hop, trap music, rap, just listening
to long bass drops. 90s alternative rock. Butt Rock. Extra stiff suspension is for those that might
be a bit mentally unstable. People that want to push well past the threshold
of pain and basically just make their cars possibly about as loud as a space rocket launch! Before ordering a new American Made DD Audio
subwoofer take the time to get in touch with your local authorized DD dealer or feel free
to give our customer service department a call. We want to make sure you’re getting the
right suspension for the sub that’s going in your system. Even though the extra stiff competition suspension
might sound like the super bad ass tough guy option, trust me, 99% of consumers do not
need this option. They would actually probably be unsatisfied
with its performance! In case you were wondering the hi-def suspension
configuration is available on our 1000, 2000, and 3000 series of subwoofers. Our power tuned suspension configuration is
available on our 1500, 2500, 3500, 9500, 9900, and Z Series of woofers. Hopefully this video has helped you to understand
the different suspension configurations we offer and the purposes they’re intended
to serve! If you like these videos, be sure to hit that
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next to it as well, it’ll tell you whenever we upload a new video. As always, thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you next time right here on DD
tech talks!

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6 thoughts on “Tech Talk: Subwoofer Suspension Options

  1. Thanks for the info. I love the tech talk portion on your website too. My 8” 1500 series you guys just rebuilt for me sound amazing.

  2. What if my local authorized dealer has no idea what he is even selling? Literally selling whatever he can sell and paring them not even half the rms to power them!

  3. Love the video series. DD knowlage is power. Had an idea wanted to toss it at ya. Lota peps complaining about how hard it is to get great mid and upper bass response. Here's the thought, 6.5 inch sub 250-400 rms rated, really soft suspension designed just like the slim line with a top mounted neo. Also an enclosure pod to sell with it to act as a sealed encloure for door mount?something to cover 60-200hz. Whacha think ?

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