Tech Reviews in 2019 – DO’s and DON’Ts!

(electronic music) Welcome to Unboxed Daily. I’m your host, Jason. And you know, it’s the end of the year, 2018 was a phenomenal
year for tech reviews. And as I look back at
some of the great content I’ve seen this year, I see
some qualities of videos that I really love and
a couple I really don’t. So I put together a
list of three qualities of reviews that I’d love
to see more of in 2019 and three more that I think
we’re ready to retire. So first things first,
I wanna see more reviews with great storytelling. Now a lot of content creators
out there make great videos. And the videos themselves have
a good narrative structure, but I don’t just wanna be told hey, here’s a review about this new camera or this new video game. I want a story. I had a holiday party but you’re gonna see
how I planned that party with Samsung SmartThings. How does SmartThings help
you plan a holiday party? Ah yeah, I know right, you’re
thinking the same thing. Hi, I’m here by the way. The last time I was here,
I was shooting deer, not like that, not with a gun. Deer poop. With a camera. Actually, not a camera,
with a smart phone camera. Brilliant, gorgeous light. This time I’ve got this
massive wang of a lens and look at the weather. I loved seeing how
content creators in 2018 treated their brands across
all of their different media consistently and holistically. More and more you’re seeing that whether you’re watching them on YouTube or on Instagram, or Twitter, or wherever. It feels like they’re
really speaking to you directly and individually, not only on each of those
platforms, but specifically in how those platforms want
to engage best with you. So when I’m watching Austin on YouTube, and then I’m watching
him again on Instagram, the format may not be the same, but it still feels like Austin. Third, in 2018, we saw a huge
number of collaborations, not only with content creators who always work with each other, but content creators who are smaller and don’t get a chance to work
with some of the bigger guys. I love that. I had such a great time this year seeing folks from Team Crispy hanging out with Team Unfiltered and everybody just sort of working together
towards that common purpose of really loving new tech. So in 2019, I hope we
get to see more of that. In fact, I hope we get
flooded with collabs. I think that’d be a lot of fun. So let’s talk about some of the stuff we definitely wanna see less of, shall we. I don’t wanna see any more reviews that are just a laundry
list of product features. I get it, it’s important to know what the onboard storage is,
what the screen resolution is, how fast the processor is. Those are important. But you know, give me a
little bit more context. Like I said earlier,
put it in a narrative. Give me some sense of
how you came to think of these different features
as being important. ‘Cause otherwise, I can get
all those features on a blog. Second, I wanna make sure
that videos I watch in 2019 have a really clear, specific distinction between a review and a first impression. I feel like I saw a lot
of videos this past year where they called it a review but they’d only had the product in hand for a couple of hours. So, folks, I’m just asking
for me and for the rest of your audiences, make
sure you’re really specific. It’s pretty important to
us and we thank you for it. Finally, don’t get me
wrong, I love good B roll and I think good looking
shots of the product you’re talking about key to any review. But folks, I am kinda tired
of 45 seconds of B roll with weird lighting, odd camera angles, and a lot of weird club jazz music that I’m just not into. (electronic music) Keep it short and keep it to the point. That’s my ask. And that’s it. That’s the stuff I wanna
see in reviews for 2019 and the other stuff that I don’t really need to see much of anymore. Were there things that you would include or not include in my list? Let me know in the
comments, send us a tweet, you know, let us know
what you’re thinking. In the meantime, thanks
as always for joining. I’m your host Jason. And yes, this time
instead of getting boba, we went for coffee. Have a great holiday, everybody.

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