TECH PRIDE: Megan Rose Dickey

My name is Megan Rose Dickey, I’m a senior reporter at Tech Crunch which is an online media publication covering technology. Tech has always been an interest of mine. My mom was very into technology, so that kind of got me interested in it. I remember doing an internship with the city of San Francisco right after 8th grade and I was able to do some very light coding. It was just very basic html. It was cool to be able to use code to actually create something very visual. Like, looking at the code you don’t know what it’s going to look like. But, being able to see that final product was really fulfilling. Granted, what I made was a website for a fake band that I was in. It wasn’t a real band, it was just me and my friends. We were the Chocolate Covered Strawberrys. I ended up getting my first journalism job out of college with a small tech blog, and I saw the ad on Craigslist and it’s just kind of evolved from there. I definitely see technology as being a positive contributor to our society. Tech Crunch did this robotics event and as part of the demo, this guy, came out on a wheel chair, put on this suit, and then was able to walk. It’s things like that, that actually make me feel proud to be involved in the tech industry. I’ve pretty much always been out at work, I’ve never really hid it from anyone. But I’m also not like, day 1, “Hey everyone! I’m gay!” Just to let you know it’s never been like that by any means. I think being LGBTQ is an asset in the sense that I think I’m generally just more open minded than some other people. I would say it’s harder to be black in tech than it is to be gay in tech. It’s like I still want to believe that people are trying to make it better, it’s hard to really still buy into that. I think 10 years from now that landscape will just be so different, I’ll be writing about something that doesn’t even exist right now, which is just why the tech industry is so exciting. If you’ve got it, own it. Introducing the first ever Lexus UX, crafted to make every new journey, fabulous. Experience amazing at your Lexus dealer.

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