Tech ON | Personal Assistant 3-1-2018

hello i’m Lucas Der Mugrdechian and I’m
Chloe Abbott and we’re here to help you get your Tech-On. A one-stop shop with
the latest apps devices and computer software. Bringing you the current trends
in media and technology, this is Tech-On. in today’s episode we’re going to be
talking about personal assistants such as “Alexa” “Google home” ok Google and all the rest that I would rather not say the
names of. I think someone is unplugging them we’re good. We may refer to Alexa
and her friends freely now. I didn’t even know we had smart speakers in the studio
but they make for a good segue for how smart speakers work. As was just
illustrated by Lucas, you simply say the activation phrase for the assistant and
it activates. Then you state a question or a command. Usually this is a last
resort in order to defuse an argument. let’s say your mother-in-law says
Breaking Bad first aired in 2003 but you know for a fact that it was later than
that you can simply say Alexa “when did Breaking Bad first air?” Breaking Bad
premiered on January 20 2008, I know a lot of trivia and I have won many
arguments with the help of my personal assistant. You can gain access to a
personal assistant from your phone or computer without having to buy a
standalone product. Alexa is an Amazon application, Siri works with iOS products
Cortana works on Microsoft products and is named
after Master Chief’s A.I. program from “Halo.” and who can forget “S voice” by
Samsung the most creative title of them. All smart speakers such as Amazon echo
Google home or even the new ultra expensive Apple home pod function by
voice commands. This allows you to freely move around your home space and when a
question enters your subconscious you can just call it out and await a mostly
spot-on answer. It’s like having a really smart friend who needs Wi-Fi, or they
lose the will to live. So it’s like living with an average millennial .You
know what I use my personal assistant for is for the news or to set alarms. You
can get quick news updates just before you take that afternoon nap, then not
have to worry about dozing off because of your alarm. It’s a killer combo
especially when you put some sweet Sinatra. I mean it doesn’t
have to be Sinatra, but I think in all of your hearts the right answer is always
Sinatra. to avoid sounding too much like a commercial why don’t we talk about
some of the quirks of using a personal assistant. Primarily, that’s smart speaker
such as echo and Google home are always listening to you always waiting for you
to say “hey Alexa” See, like that. And now I’m not convinced that they
unplugged it. They don’t run on an alternate battery source do they? I don’t
think so but my personal assistant does have a tendency to randomly go off when
I’m having a conversation with someone. It isn’t frequent enough for it to be a
serious problem but it can freak my guests out. It didn’t help matters when
they realize that every time it does randomly go off it’s recording them.
No? But sadly, yes. It is recording you whenever you speak to it or whenever it
thinks that you are speaking. So if you say something like oh I don’t know
“I’ve got a dead body in my closet” that is being stored until you delete it. This
is done so that the device becomes used to the sorts of commands that you
request for and the sound of your voice you can actually listen to all the voice
recordings that your Smart speaker has made of you, and then you can delete them.
because you would rather not have your electronic PA rat you out in court.
I’m not worried I’ve got nothing to hide. Breaches in privacy mean nothing to
me so long as net neutrality is upheld I’m okay with tech companies knowing
everything about me. Okay bad example, but a way to get party guests warmed up with
your new assistant is through a little game of would you rather their all kinds
of games and different tasks that you can have your little PA perform if you
don’t have a calculator ready well you can always get your PA right on that. Now
getting it to show it’s work? you’re gonna be out of luck. During research
about what your assistant choice can do is a must if you want to get the most
out of it unless you’re like Lucas and you’re going to primarily use that as an
alarm or jukebox which is by the way a perfect a perfectly acceptable use of
the device. I love Sinatra, no shaming Lucas. But as soon as you adopt a PA get
comfortable with the terms of use in its robust features you, might be surprised
just how much it can do in a lot of ways. In a lot of ways, it’s just like having an audio focused computer and I use mine for far more than just
Sinatra. I listen to audiobooks and order pizza. There’s nothing quite like
finishing a segment of tech on with a roof of the mouth and burning
cheesy crust supreme pizza. That gives me an idea, hey Alexa? Could you order us a
cheesy crust supreme pizza with extra cheese have it brought to Titan TV below
the Pollak library. Um, Alexa never mind. I’m ending today’s episode before you
bankrupt us Lucas. and as always I’m Chloe Abbott and I’m
Lucas Der Mugrdechian be sure you tune in next time to get your Tech-On.

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