Tech News – Youtube Pulling Ads From Offensive/Inappropriate Videos!!

Hey guys Brainy here and today I have a really
interesting story in this video. This story comes directly from Google and
it’s something that actually affects Content Creators somewhat directly. Earlier today in a blog post Google stated
that it’s changing it’s ad policy to fit in with what advertisers want. This move comes in response to several major
brands pulleing their ads from YouTube earlier this week. The announcement comes after an investigation
from The Times of London found that ads from the UK government and some prominent companies
were appearing alongside extremist YouTube videos, including clips that promoted white
nationalism and homophobia. The UK government pulled its advertising from
Google and YouTube following the report. In their official blog post they said “ The
web has opened a door for new communities and platforms that help people find diverse
views and have a voice. Today, anyone with a smartphone can be a content
creator, app developer or entrepreneur. And Google has enabled millions of content
creators and publishers to be heard, find an audience, earn a living, or even build
a business. Much of this is made possible through advertising. Thousands of sites are added every day to
our ad network, and more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. We have a responsibility to protect this vibrant,
creative world—from emerging creators to established publishers—even when we don’t
always agree with the views being expressed. But we also have a responsibility to our advertisers
who help these publishers and creators thrive. We have strict policies that define where
Google ads should appear, and in the vast majority of cases, our policies and tools
work as intended. But at times we don’t get it right. Recently, we had a number of cases where brands’
ads appeared on content that was not aligned with their values. For this, we deeply apologize. We know that this is unacceptable to the advertisers
and agencies who put their trust in us. That’s why we’ve been conducting an extensive
review of our advertising policies and tools, and why we made a public commitment last week
to put in place changes that would give brands more control over where their ads appear. I wanted to share that we’ve already begun
ramping up changes around three areas: our ad policies, our enforcement of these policies
and new controls for advertisers. ‘’
Their change to this system involves removing ads from specific videos on the site. The post also included information on what
types of videos will be affected by this change. “This includes removing ads more effectively
from content that is attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender
or similar categories. This change will enable us to take action,
where appropriate, on a larger set of ads and sites. We’ll also tighten safeguards to ensure
that ads show up only against legitimate creators in our YouTube Partner Program—as opposed
to those who impersonate other channels or violate our community guidelines. Finally, we won’t stop at taking down ads. The YouTube team is taking a hard look at
our existing community guidelines to determine what content is allowed on the platform—not
just what content can be monetized.’’ And this change with Youtube’s system makes
complete sense because Youtube is a company and at the end of the day, they need to keep
the trust of the companies that they work with. And I can actually see the story from the
perspective of the advertisers. An example would be a company selling kids
products. They wouldn’t want their ads appearing alongside
videos with hate speech or extreme propaganda. That would make sense because most likely
the audience watching those videos would have little interest in what they’re offering. But on the other side I can see this update
from the perspective of creators on youtube. There are a lot of channels who make somewhat
“not-advertiser Friendly” videos on the website. This includes channels like H3H3, Leafy, DramaAlert,
Idubbz. And while not all the videos from these channels
are extreme, they do tend to have a reputation of doing extreme things, but the difference
between being extreme and being completely “un-Advertiser friendly” is huge. These channels sometimes create extreme videos
that actually draw in audiences and make good points. And from this update I also see that there
will be an effect on News Sites. Usually, there are a lot of extreme articles
on certain website online. Will they be exempt from this change? Will the change take full effect on them? My question is what sets the boundary between
advertiser friendly and not advertiser friendly. A creator on youtube could make a video on
a major even and get his ads removed from his video while a news network website could
talk about the very same story and have no problems with ads appearing on their post. That would be an unfair setting. But that’s all I have to say here in this
video. I wanna hear your thoughts below. If you want to read the full blog post from
youtube, I’ll drop a link down below so you can check it out for yourself and come
to a conclusion of your own. If you’re a first time viewer and enjoyed
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3 thoughts on “Tech News – Youtube Pulling Ads From Offensive/Inappropriate Videos!!

  1. I think I could get hit by this. SOme of my lolcow/sperg outburts are offensive.
    Maybe that $1 a month goes to $0.50?

  2. advertisers make sure youtube stays open and working, without them, youtube doesn't stay up, easy as that. You make sure the advertisers are happy no matter what because no advertisers and sponsers= no youtube. Regular viewers and channels will adapt.

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