hello friends you are watching texting
yours this is top tech news updates from texting yours number one
Microsoft is updating the Windows notepad app for the first time in years
you will soon be able to do wraparound find and replace alongside the ability
to zoom into text by holding down the control key and using the mouse wheel to
zoom in and out number two Apple’s back-to-school deal is again a
free pair of Beats headphones Apple has launched its annual back-to-school
promotion and is once again giving away free beats headphones to those buying a
brand new Mac or an iPad pro number three Google rolls out Morse code
support for Bourdon iOS to help people with disabilities connect better Google
has rolled out Morse code functionalities on G board for iOS and
improvements to Morse code on G board for Android number 4 Apple launches
MacBook Pro with latest chips quieter keyboard starting at Indian rupees 149
thousand nine hundred and Indian rupees one hundred ninety nine thousand nine
hundred respectively the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro models with touch bar and
15-inch MacBook Pro number 5 samsung galaxy note 9 looks bold and blue and
yellow pearl Malik Lika rice universe has tweeted a photo purportedly showing
off Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 the handset is seen in navy with a yellow
stylus colors previously teased in an official Samsung promo the design of the
phone is also in keeping with previous Galaxy Note 9 leaks number 6 after
mulling telcos Mukesh Ambani now fires at operating systems the operating
system kayo s that powers geophone taking over iOS in India and becoming
the number 2 operating system after Android number 7
samy me max 3 reveal confirmed for July 19th Z amis folk let fans won’t need to
wait much longer as the company has confirmed the massive me max 3 will
launch on July 19th the company posted the announcement on its new e forum
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