Tech News – The CORSAIR ONE + Dell’s NEW $5,000 8K Monitor + More Youtube AD Problems

Hey guys Brainy Here and welcome to a brand
new video on the channel!! Today’s video is gonna be quite short mainly
because there are only a few things that I wanna talk about. So let’s get into the Tech News!! Corsair has released it’s very own gaming
PC. Corsair, a company most well known for its
PC parts, released its first complete gaming computer this week, called the Corsair One. There are four models available: the Corsair
One, Corsair One Pro, the Corsair One Pro and the Corsair One Ti. A Few things to expect in terms of specs are
Intel i7-7700K CPUs, Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs and 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 DRAM in the most expensive
versions. The price for their four units tops out at
$2600. Corsair’s marketing message focuses on how
quiet its PC is. It mostly relies on a custom water cooling
setup for both the graphics card and CPU to minimize noise and avoid overheating. It’s actually surprising to me that Corsair
is getting into the Gaming PC Universe and if they do their work well, their products
will be huge hits, as would be expected from Corsair. Onto the next bit of tech news, FedEx will
give you $5 to reinstall Flash. Yeah… If you head on over to the company’s online
printing portal, you’ll be kindly instructed to reenable Flash in Chrome or Safari settings,
or install it again if you’ve purged it from your machine. “As a thank you for your patience and for
being a valued FedEx Office customer, please use ‘FLA726’ at checkout to receive $5
off on orders over $30,” the offer reads. Granted, a good number of sites still do run
on Flash, especially free webgame sites and those with custom video players. For that reason, Google, Apple, and Microsoft
all make it relatively easy to reenable the plugin when necessary, sometimes by clicking
the webpage. In this case, however, FedEx wants you to
head on over to your Chrome plug-ins page and set Flash to “Always allowed to run,”
which is something you should probably not keep checked for any duration of time. Now onto more interesting news, here’s something
that hits a little bit closer to home. YouTube is facing a full-scale advertising
boycott over hate speech. More companies are pulling advertising from
YouTube over Google’s inability to ensure ads won’t appear next to hateful and offensive
content. The Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube
videos centered around racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic views are still scooping
up ads from brands like Coca-Cola,, and Microsoft. This is even after reports last week exposed
the issue and led to mass advertising boycotts in the UK and now the US, prompting Google
to promise companies it would solve the issue and implement better tools and moderation
practices. Following The Wall Street Journal’s findings,
PepsiCo, Walmart, Dish, Starbucks, and GM all pulled their advertising, joining a growing
list of dozens of companies in Europe and the US since The Times of London first shined
a spotlight on the problem. A majority of these companies are pulling
advertising from YouTube and sites that use Google’s ad exchange technology. That means not only is Google’s video arm
taking a hit, but its broader network of web advertising is suffering, too, as companies
are under the assumption that Google is incapable of policing neither YouTube videos nor third-party
websites with its current blend of user flagging, human moderation, and algorithmic detection. And ok, I can see where the companies are
coming from, but it’s not completely Youtube or Google’s. There technically, as far as I know, is no
way for youtube to filter through all the videos on their site and determine which videos
have hate speech or which videos don’t. Apart from users flagging videos or youtube
workers actually seeing those videos, it’s take a long time before youtube can clearly
filter out all those videos. I GUESS it may be easier to figure out which
sites are unsafe on Google, because most of the content on most websites is text, but
this story is getting more and more interesting by the day. And now our final story, Dell just showed
off a 8k Monitor, but it costs $5000. Dell announced its 32-inch 8K desktop display
— the UP3218K (I don’t know how these companies com up with their names) — at
CES this year, which promises a resolution of 7680 x 4320 with a pixel density of 280ppi. Today, that monitor is available to order
through Dell’s website for $4,999.99. It’s expected to ship on April 14th. Dell thinks people who work in photography
or other highly visual areas might be tempted to buy it. The monitor is usable in the sense that it’s
not super bulky and can be adjusted to tilt, swivel, move up and down, or turn. Really cool news there, but I think very few
people will actually need a 8k monitor right now, but that’s just my perspective. If you enjoyed this video, learnt anything
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