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Hi guys, my name is Ryan, this is the Cashless Crew and welcome to the second tech news episode where we will be talking about five crazy technologies that completely blew my mind. But watch out – we made up one of the technologies to test your tech knowledge. Will you be able to find out which one it was? Stay till the end of the episode to find out. The 3rd thumb is a 3D printed expansion of your hand, that you can control with your feet. The idea behind it was to invent a prosthesis which doesn’t replace a body part but rather enhances the skills of the person wearing it. Pressure sensors are placed under the feet and are connected via Bluetooth with the artificial thumb attached to the hand. By performing different kinds of pressure over the toes you can control the movement. At the moment, neuroscientists at the University College London are researching the further development of the 3rd thumb. It is one of the greatest mysteries of life on this planet why there are over 100 ways to heat up food quickly but not a single way, to cool it down again quickly. Heating up food in the microwave in just a few seconds, isn’t magic. It’s reality in almost every kitchen Electromagnetic waves set water molecules in motion and generate heat through mutual friction. But why doesn’t it work the other way
around when you want something to cool down as quickly as possible? FEMSAN, based in Mexico, is currently working on a prototype that will be able to do just that. This device can reduce the movements of the molecules that are responsible for generating heat. This makes it possible to cool down food and beverages within a few minutes. So, as an example, making ice cubes would only take about 15 minutes. The world’s first micro freezer is due out in spring 2024 Set a reminder. Many new mums are familiar with this problem: You really want to go and do your workout but what to do with the little person. An American startup has now tackled this problem and is developing the first app controlled stroller. Equipped with a motion tracking sensor the stroller synchronizes itself with the running speed of the parent. This means that the stroller drives fully automatic in front of you without you touching it. The smart stroller also has air conditioning, a bottle warmer, automatic swing function a music system, electronic lock, anti-theft sensor, a microphone, webcams and of course, a smart phone charging station. And don’t worry – the stroller also works with iOS and Android I think everybody know this: A look in the mirror at the wrong time, in the wrong light – it could ruin your day. This is how many people feel, while paying via facial scan. The study of a Chinese news portal showed that 60% of the survey participants think that they look uglier in the face scanner than in a normal camera. the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba reacted promptly and found a way to keep the shopping experience pleasant. In the future there will be beauty filters that will make you pretty in fractions of a second. Oh wow I’m pretty. “You’ll be impressed” says Alibaba subsidiary Alipay which has over 1 billion users per month. Wouldn’t it be super nice to travel to any country in the world and be able to talk to the locals without any problems, whatever the language? Did you understand a word of that? Now, an In-Ear-Translator makes it possible to have a conversation face to face in a foreign language. An interpreter app is combined with a microphone. Via Bluetooth the ear studs transmit the received words to a smartphone, from there the translated result is sent to the headphones of the other person. The whole process takes only one to three seconds. The system is capable of understanding 36 languages and 84 accents. And the battery lasts about 6 hours. That’s a lot of small talk on holiday. Groot put that thing away. I’m Groot. That was it for today with our Tech News. Were you able to spot the fake technology? The fake technology we made up was… The microfreezer. While such an invention would be really cool – cool… freezer… *laughs* And several attempts have been made to construct such a device – none of them have succeeded so far. Were you able to spot the fake technology straight away? Or did you guess wrong first? Tell us in the comments below! Also a big Thank You to
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