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hello my name is Mano and today is NFS No, it’s not Need for speed, it is News Feedback Saturday. First News Swedish higschools Vaxnadalens and Arlandagymnasiet will gonna start a esport in their profiles and that for me it’s a big news, that
means that beside school you gonna also train how to be a professional esporter. And this can sound a little crazy but here in Sweden you can choose like a lot of profiles for example
hairdresser, or nurse or even nature, it means that it is a lot of theory. I do believe that like go to school
maybe should be fun and I do think that people maybe should get motivated to go to school but what about the esport? People that want to become esport professionals they probably gonna have to play a lot and how they’re going to have time to
study for example? what is the impact? are they going to be able to both study
and game at the same time? my fourteen years old said: Yes! I want
to go there but my adult feelings are like: what are the consequences of this? So what do you think? Should people get motivated to go to school if it is a game or should people just go to schools for study? The second big news of the week for me it’s about the Nvidia *970 and if you haven’t heard about it it’s about the 4GB video card that Nvidia has made What happen is that they say that they have 4GB of ram memory and yes they do have 4 GB but 3.5GB is fast memory and 0.5 gigabytes its slow memory and as you can read in the article, that I will gonna put the link down below they say that you probably will not
gonna notice any difference nowadays in the games because most people don’t
even used the 4GB of memory but what about the future? Usually I buy a graphics card thinking that I will gonna have it for
many many years and if I thought that I bought a 4GB of ram memory in the graphics card, then I want a full 4GB, not a 3.5 plus 0.5 so… shame on you Nvidia! And now it is time for feedback I just want to thank everyone that has
comment my older video and for everyone that has seen my video and for like it and subscribe so, it has been great fun to get suggestions
and ideas and the comments from all of you so thank you! If you like this video please be sure to like and subscribe and watch my other videos. 🙂 see you next time!:)

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