Tech News: Samsung’s Ultimate FacePalm

Hey guys it’s Dave from computing
and in today’s video, it’s time to talk about the tech stories that have made the news over
the past few days. Tuesday 20th of May 2014. First up, Encrypted Internet Traffic is on
the rise according to Canadian broadband management company Sandvine. In a recent global internet
phenomena report, there has been a sharp increase in the number of users encrypting their internet
usage from the prying eyes of government agencies. It is believed that this move towards secrecy
and increased privacy is a direct result of the spying revelations that emerged following
Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing of the NSA’s activities. For example, in Europe encrypted
traffic rose from 1.47% last year, to 6.10% this year. Now that may not sound like much,
but when you consider that global internet traffic incases 20 – 40% per year, that’s
actually a massive overall rise. Moving on, Adidas have announced that they
will soon be allowing you to customise your sneakers with your Instagram photographs.
It’s a new app called Photo Print and it will launch in August for both Android and iOS. You will literally be able to wear your own
selfies on your shoes. You can print your photos onto a pair of ZX Flux sneakers, although
the customisation doesn’t exactly come cheap. Regular ZX Flux sneakers will set you back
$90, customised ones cost $200. Ah, seriously, let’s not forget this pair of Converse All
Star knock offs that cost less than one fifth the price of the real thing. Another example
of Brands and their crazy prices I guess. And now for a story that makes me physically
sick and incredibly angry at the same time. And wouldn’t you know it, it involves Samsung.
As part of a new and rather invasive advertising campaign, Samsung have bought themselves the
naming rights to London Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5, the busiest terminal in Europe.
It will now be referred to as Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5. No this is not a belated April
Fool’s Joke. All signs, digital screens and images throughout the terminal will depict
the new name along with images of the Galaxy S5 smartphone. I mean seriously? This is outrageous.
I am strongly against naming rights marketing of any kind, I detest the rebranding sports
stadiums and championships for example. But this is ridiculous. I honestly think they
will start doing this to things like Hospitals, schools and maybe even small towns. Who knows,
maybe even celebrities will temporally change their names to brands and products they sell.
This is insane! How low are these companies willing to sink? And finally guys I will leave you with Today’s
tech question: DVD, Blu-Ray, digital download or streaming media, what is your primary way
of watching movies?

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50 thoughts on “Tech News: Samsung’s Ultimate FacePalm

  1. Talk about a big facepalm. Lets just be glad its not here in the states..yet. Also I mostly use dvds and sometimes blu rays.

  2. I watch DVD's I do not trust digital, hard drives/ ssd'sĀ  do malfunction and crash, not too mention become corrupted and accidental erasure can be a problem.

  3. DVDs and Blu-Rays šŸ˜› It's nice to have physical media. Plus digital files are compressed more šŸ˜›

  4. I either buy from iTunes or get Blu-rays then rip them to my media server. The Blu-ray acts as a backup if anything happens to the resulting file and you can just download stuff again from iTunes if you need to.

    I don't have any real attachment to physical media, I just prefer the higher quality of the files.

  5. I used to love samsung and the galaxy line but they are getting super lazy and just sad…. get on the effing ball samsung!!! inovate

  6. 2 1/2 hour movies on Digital download are about 2-3 GB, DVD's 10GB and Blu Ray 50GB, I'm sticking to DVDs and blu rays as the video and audio quality is compressed for downloads, watch the dark knight rises on download then on blu ray, banes voice is outstanding on blu ray but nothing special on download šŸ™‚

  7. I primarily watch DVDs, but sometimes watch VHS tapes as most of the movies we got were on VHS at the time. We haven't had the money to find or buy the DVD versions of the early films we have in our home collection.

  8. That is the most retarded name for an airport terminal that I have ever heard. I kept waiting for you to tell me you were kidding. Wow, just wow. I guess they don't care about their company image oozing with class like Apple. Strange, considering they copy them a lot.

  9. I prefer streaming but seeing there's no decent service available in Belgium, i have to go for the download.

  10. I would have said streaming before I move to a house that gets really bad internet (it's shocking here is Australia.) now because my gf has a massive collection of DVDs and blu-rays we end up watching that.

  11. Depends what I want to watch. I prefer streaming but if what I want to watch is on a VHS, so be it.

  12. A combination of all, I started to watch streamed stuff since Amazon included instant video to my prime account.
    You're damn right, Dave, what Samsung did is just awful. epicfacepalm

  13. I hate to admit. But I watch downloads from pbay….can't afford to spend on movies but I do use spotify… I'd use Netflix if they had more better content…

  14. you personally think Samsung choices in advertising are over the top, but then again you should consider some of apples tactics over the years to keep ahead. Given this example can be seen as overboard, but they have the money to spend on marketing, let them spend it. It will be effective. The amount of traffic through that place even if 1 in 4 are effected by it, = more sales. Much more honorable then Apples means of staying ahead.

  15. This is absolutely ridicules when I landed in London for my backpacking trip about a month ago it was still Heathrow but when I go back to London to fly home it will be Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5??!

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