TECH NEWS !!! Samsung And KDDI Complete Successful 5G Trial

Samsung has announced that it has
completed a successful trial of its 5g technology with KDDI the two companies
tested out 5g with a multi device test in the okinawa cellular stadium which is
a 30,000 capacity baseball stadium in japan the tests involved downloading and
streaming 4k videos using 5g technology the videos were downloaded and then
streams simultaneously on a number 5g tablets in the stadium we have been
working closely with Samsung to explore 5g it is exciting to see how the
technology will play out a crowded events to result in the discovery of new
business models said Yoshiaki Akina senior managing executive officer at
KDDI the trial is solid evidence of our potential to generate new use cases that
will take user experience in sports stadiums to new heights in the 5g era 5g
holds the powerful potential to create new user experiences and business models
that are more immersive and dynamic than ever before said Yankee kim president
and head of networks business at Samsung Electronics through our collaboration
with KDDI we will stay committed to exploring 5g driven business models that
can be applied in diverse high demand locations based on a wide range of

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