Tech News – RED iPhone 7 + Nintendo Switch Joy Con Malfunction + Sony Xperia L1

Hey guys Brainy here and welcome to a brand
new video on the channel. Welcome TO ANOTHER TECH news update video
which is now a thing on this channel. I’ll still try to make my tech topic related
videos every once in a while but a majority of my videos will most likely be tech news
update videos. And with that being said lets get into the
video. First off I wanna feature a quick post from
the verge in which they compiled basically everything we know about android o so far. That’ll be linked below but if you want
a shorter version of a few of the things in their article, feel free to check out my video
from Yesterday Night where I give you a quick update about some of the things you should
really know about Android O. So those will be linked below. Onto our first story for today, Nintendo says
it’s fixed the Switch’s Joy-Con connectivity issues. Nintendo has finally admitted to connectivity
issues with the Switch’s left Joy-Con controller, but it says that a fix is in place to make
sure all future units are working properly. “A manufacturing variation has resulted
in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con,” a Nintendo of America
spokesperson said in a statement. “Moving forward this will not be an issue,
as the manufacturing variation has been addressed and corrected at the factory level.” And yeah, it makes sense that Nintendo Would
come up with a fix, but what’s going to happen to those people who already bought
a switch and are currently experiencing these problems? The Joy-Con issues seem to have affected some
of the console’s launch units, with several reviewers saying that the left controller
lost its connection on occasion. That seemed to be happening because of a designed
difference between the left and right controller, which gave the right controller a stronger
Bluetooth signal to connect to the system. Though Nintendo has finally acknowledged the
issue — previously, its only admission was that you shouldn’t use the Joy-Con around
aquariums — it maintains that there was “no design issue” with the controller. Nintendo also indicates that the issue may
not have impacted a huge number of units, as it isn’t planning a “widespread proactive
repair or replacement effort” for left Joy-Con. It does, however, have what Nintendo calls
a “simple fix” in place to repair any affected left Joy-Con that get sent in. As CNET discovered, that seems to be a small
piece of conductive foam. Not very fancy, but it seems to work. Nintendo says it’ll offer free repairs with
about a one-week turnaround time for any left Joy-Con units that are seeing connection issues. So that’s some good news there!! Onto our next story, Apple launches a red
iPhone 7. Apple is introducing a new color option for
its iPhone 7 lineup. While the iPhone maker has offered special
product red cases for the iPhone previously, this is the first time the actual handset
is available in red itself. The new Product features a red aluminum finish,
and is launching as part of Apple’s partnership with (RED). Apple’s partnership with (RED) involves highlighting
the AIDS fundraising campaign with red-themed designs for products and apps. Apple recently turned its App Store and associated
top apps the color red for the world AIDS day. Moving on to our next new bit let’s talk
about Sony’s new Xperia L1. Sony announced a new smartphone for North
America this week. The Xperia L1. It has a 5.5-inch HD display, MediaTek Quad
Core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory with up to 256GB expandable memory, a 2,620mAh
battery, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and it also
Includes a headphone jack. Sony says the phone will be affordable, but
pricing information isn’t available just yet. It’ll be unveiled closer to the L1’s April
release date. And that’s all for today. If you enjoyed this video or learnt anything
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