Tech News: Microsoft Power Cover / Office 2014 For Mac

Hey guys it’s Dave from computing
it’s Friday the 14th of March 2014, and in today’s video it’s time to talk about this
week’s technology stories. First up, Microsoft have released a cool new
Surface Power Cover, which is not only a keyboard for your Windows 8 tablet, but it also contains
a built-in battery that extends the battery life of the Surface by 70%. Now as you might
image, the Power Cover adds a bit of weight and thickness as it weighs 1.2 pounds and
brings the device to 19.5mm thick. The price is a bit high at $199 but it does mean that
you’ll have some peace of mind when you’re on the go and away from a power outlet. Next up, Are you a Mac user who has been stuck
on Microsoft’s Office 2011 for years? Well, the long overdue Office 2014 for Mac is finally
going to happen soon. In fact it’s expected that it will be released in the second quarter
of 2014. It’s hard to believe that Office 2011 was released back in October of 2010.
About time Microsoft. Moving on, Apple are due to discontinue their
30-day return policy for iPhones. Their OS-powered smartphones have held a privileged position
when it comes to their remorse period. All other products from Apple have only a 14 day
return policy and that’s exactly what Apple have reduced it to. The previous 30-day period
often conflicted with the 14-day return policy of a user’s mobile carrier and retailers.
This change will bring the iPhone in line with all other product categories. And finally, on the subject of Apple, they
have a new update for AppleTV, which allows it to connect to AirPlay devices using Bluetooth
rather than using their usual Bonjeia connection, or Bonjourno or Bonjour? Yes, Bonjour that’s
the one. Apparently the update is aimed at system admins
in business and schools who usually block Bonjour, this will allow them to configure
connections between Apple TVs regardless. In addition, using Bluetooth will allow Mac
OS X users to also detect the AppleTV, which suggests some kind of new functionality between
Macs and the AppleTV is planned in the future. Lastly guys, it’s time for today’s tech question:
What is your current smartphone and what was your last smartphone?

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47 thoughts on “Tech News: Microsoft Power Cover / Office 2014 For Mac

  1. Tech question answer :
    Current phone is the HTC One
    Previous phone was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Still have it and still in mint condition after a year's usage)

  2. Current smartphone: I'm running 2 iPhone 3GSes at the minute. One is for media and stuff and the other for more social/phone type stuff. Hope to be upgrading to a 5s soon.

    My last 'smart' phone was an LG Prada, which was apparently the first phone to feature a capacitive touchscreen. It was very sluggish and poorly executed.

  3. Tech question:
    Current: iPhone 5S
    Old : iPhone 4
    Biggest sigh of relief when I finally got some more speed on a phone, that A4 Processor just can't handle iOS 7 XD

  4. iPhone 5C Currently
    Used to use Samsung Tocco Icon (not sure if it counts as a smartphone. I hated it so much I drilled a hole in the screen!!!)

  5. Current iPhone 5s space Grey and last iphone 4 black both 16gb iphone 4 lasted very well for 3 years and gave it to my grandad as he didn't like his windows phone

  6. HTC One from an iPhone 3GS. Love the new video editing Dave. Hope the new iMac brought your passion back for it 🙂 

  7. Last: iPhone 4 – which I broke trying to repair a faulty home button
    Now: LG P940 Prada 3 – I bought this with the money I got from the cold dead carcass of my iPhone 4, cause i couldn't afford a new iPhone. But I am actually liking Android very much. 

  8. Current phone is Samsung Galaxy S2
    Previous was HTC Desire
    Both phones where on 2 year contracts with T Mobile UK. Was expecting a tasty upgrade last month, the best they offered me was a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. It's hardly the Note 3 I was hoping for. Declined the offer, probably go Sim free from now on.

  9. current: Droid X2 running CM10
    previous:LG Ally
    previous:Kyocera Hydro
    previous:Motorola Citrus

    Those were all my phones i have had 😀

  10. Current smart phone is an iPhone 5S. My previous one was an iPhone 4S, and that was my first ever smart phone.

  11. My current smartphone is a Nokia Lumia 625 (Got it for free with my Dads new laptop) 
    My first was a HTC wildfire from 2010 it was bullet proof and i stopped using it 2 weeks ago when i got the Nokia i will miss it

  12. Current smartphone: iPhone 5. Last smartphone: IPhone 4. Again I'm lazy. Been using iPhone since day one. Happy with iPhone (except screen size maybe), would like to try android but don't want to fork out lots of money then have major buyers remorse and back peddle.

  13. my last one was iphone 4s, my new one is iphone 5s. And microsoft needs to provide visio and project for mac as well, don't know why they don't include them.. thanks for the video dave

  14. 4s still does it all for me. I will bump up on the next one…6? Waiting for a larger screen.

    Thumbs up, Dave! 

  15. I'm on my first smartphone iPhone 5C white,  and so far it serves my needs very well. I don't see the need to upgrade for years to come. Maybe when 7s will come out, I'll feel the need to upgrade.

  16. Current smartphone :Sony Xperia z1 compact

    Previous one: Samsung galaxy note 2

    Eventually next: apple iphone 6 🙂

  17. Current smartphone: iPhone 4 8GB iOS 7.1 UNLOCKED T-Mobile 
    Last smartphone: Pantech Burst 16GB ROOTED Android 4.2 UNLOCKED T-Mobile

  18. My current smartphone is an iPhone 5s.  I have never owned a smartphone before this mainly due to the cost of ownership.

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