Tech News: Is Apple in Trouble?

First up in the tech news, Apple are working
on new sensors to predict heart attacks. With the emerging mobile medical device and
fitness market really starting to take off, Apple is working with Tomlinson Holman, the
audio engineer behind THX to focus ion the sound that blood makes when it travels through
a person’s arteries. Because such a sensor would need to be part of a device that is
physically attached to the body, it would make perfect sense to be included in the forthcoming
Apple iWatch. Next up, the Console wars continue to rage
on and once again, Microsoft seem to be playing second fiddle to Sony. Last month, the Playstation
4 outsold the Xbox One by almost double. According to a recent report from the NPD group, Sony
beat Microsoft in all of the bestselling game sales with the exception of Call of Duty:
Ghost and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Microsoft
as the new Xbox One is outselling its predecessor by 2.29 times in terms of unit sales for the
same period after its launch. With the upcoming Steam Consoles from Valve,
it’s a good time to be a gamer right now, with some genuine competition in the market. Moving on, It’s more Apple news next, it may
be an error or it may be something far more serious, but Jony Ive has been removed from
Apple’s leadership page on their website. The Senior Vice President of Design has been
instrumental in producing some of Apple’s most iconic designs and was the brains behind
so many of their recent creations. Could have have left the company or has he been given
a new position? Either way, I’m sure Apple will announce something soon, but if he is
going to jump ship, this could be a massive blow to the Cupertino company. Apple have
lost something in the last couple of years and I’m no longer convinced Tim Cook is the
man to lead them. Although I personally like iOS 7, it hasn’t been very popular with users,
Apple have dropped behind some of their competitors when it comes to consumer sentiment surveys
and their ongoing legal battles with Samsung as well as the whole App Store in app purchases
debacle has damaged their reputation considerably. Add to that the slow development cycle of
long rumoured devices like the iWatch, updated Apple TV and 12-inch iPad and it just seems
that Apple are unable to innovate fast enough to keep up with competition. Let’s hope for Apple’s sake, Ive is staying
put, so in today’s tech question I’m asking you: Do you believe Apple are in decline?

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34 thoughts on “Tech News: Is Apple in Trouble?

  1. I think they are, what have they really brought in the last lets say 2 years that is truly innovative and outright amazing, ipad mini….fingerprint sensor and all that, they dont seem to be making any big strides in any one direction, while other competitors seem to taking the edge in terms of software and hardware

  2. For me personally they have not made a product since the iPhone 4 and iPad that has taken my attention. Since 2010 android has come on in strides and it's hard to even think about going back to using ios on a daily basis.

  3. Luckily Ive is back on Apple's website! I think Apple's biggest problem is the anticipation the public has these days. Starting around the time of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Apple rumors grew in numbers and reliability dramatically. Now when everyone is waiting for their new Apple TV set and iWatch when Apple does deliver on something truly great its still a let down.

  4. well apple can't make a watch that looks like the galaxy gear, or have the core UI of the galaxy gear without making major tweaks that doesn't look like the iOS. apple lost this one.

  5. hmmm its to early to say yet, they still have great people working there, i mean a company becomes famous for things through its lifetime and thus the iPhone was the first smart phone and then the iPad the first tablet obviously other companies try to beat apple at these two product categories and thats to be expected, its inevitable that apple will sink back into a rut like sony and asus where we really don't see that great of stuff but the odd head scratcher now and again.

  6. Apple released a statement this morning saying that they were updating exec profiles. His profile has been restored. If he leaves, I'm not sure that Apple could deal with his absence.

  7. What goes up goes down! It is like that with any business. Apple reached its peak now it is time to decline. The question is will the company survive the decline? Will customers stay loyal? or just abandon ship.


  8. They may be, but I think that will change, I hope everyone important at apple will have the drive to come back bigger and better. Although, that may be wishful thinking.

  9. They think about heart attacks, aren't they incredibly adorable people ? Also, that black apple sun on iPhone event to me was a little like from Doom 3: Dark Star ship arrives and fun begins.

  10. Yes, I feel Samsung is more innovative. The younger generation are more inclined to purchase a samsung as opposed to an Apple.

  11. Well thats kind of a tough question to answer. I mean, Apple is selling more and more products and they're updating their current products at about the same rate. So if you go off of that, then no. But if you compare Apple to the rate at which their competition is growing then that would be yes. IMO one of Apples problems is at the rate they update some of their products. Sometimes it's too little too late and sometimes it seems like if they try and push stuff out too fast, it bites them in the ass. 

    So my answer to your question is a mixed bag of yes and no.

  12. The biggest problem with Apple is that by launching all of their products in autumn people are less focused on what Apple are doing and more on the competition. Apple need to spread their product releases over the year. Apple still make some of the best products. I haven't seen anything relating to Johnny Ive leaving but if thats the cases it could mean trouble for Apple!

  13. I feel that Apple is doing just fine. They have a way of creating new markets where there previously were none, and I believe Apple's new wearable tech will be their ticket into a whole new market. I have yet to see a Galaxy Gear or Google Glass on anyone, but I'll bet I'll see someone with Apple's wearable a week after it's release. Apple has a great reputation and too many loyal followers to be in decline. They would have to screw up big time to take a serious hit, and I just don't see that happening anytime soon.

  14. I feel they are on the decline. It feels to me that everything new they come out with is the same as it's predecessors. IPhone, IPad, etc. Besides the fact that Apple is a costly mistress & greedy as well. I'm sure those play a part.

  15. I'd say Apple are in decline but you can't expect them to be in front forever. The iPhone really excelled them, much to hipsters dislike, into the mainstream arena. With my Apple purchases over the years I've began to notice a decline in quality, obviously struggling to meet demand. I'd like some competition because at least it would drive Apple to really try hard to be back on top and innovate.

  16. in terms of profit, they're gaining, not declining… I myself am a fan of apple, although I do think they need to pace up with the innovation, I mean they could have added a lot more to the 5s… they could do much much better I think… thanks for the vid dave, great as always/

  17. there is no question when jobs died apple started to die also, I'm not sure they will crash an burn but I don't think they will ever hold the power the once had when jobs was at the helm! 

  18. If Microsoft move the shell host away from explore.exe(making windows less glitchy) apple would get there act together.

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