Tech News: HTC One M8 / ZTE Nubia X6

Hey guys it’s Dave from Computing
in today’s video, it’s Thursday March 27th 2014, time now to talk about the tech stories
that have made the news this week. First up is a truly unique smartphone that gives us
a sizeable specification improvement over many devices on the market. The ZTE Nubia
X6 features a 6.44-inch display, yep you heard it right, that’s not really a phablet in my
opinion, that’s straight up Tablet but apparently it’s considered more of a phone. It’s got
a 1080p resolution screen at 344 pixels per inch. Although the screen size is no doubt
the main topic of conversation, the specs underneath are also noteworthy, it’s got 13mp
cameras from and back, now that’s new. Usually front cameras just scrape above the 2mp mark,
so this is most unique. The X6 also offers a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm
Snapragon 801 SoC along with 3GB of RAM and the option to have either 32GB or 64GB of
internal storage. Additionally, it’s got NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, dual-sim slot, dual-band Wi-Fi
and three microphones. Seriously, is there anything they didn’t pack into this thing?
There was no word on which version of Android the device is running. It’s on sale now in
China for the equivalent of $646. Next up, is an insane app for the iPhone,
it’s called Cloak and it’s an anti-social network that helps you avoid bumping into
people. It uses location check-in data from contacts, foursquare and instagram accounts
and organised them into a map, this allows you to track people you know and find out
where they are and when they check-in to certain locations. You can also opt to receive notifications
when they enter a certain radius of your location. The creator of the app got the idea when he
accidentally bumped into his ex-girlfriend four times in six months. Is it me or does
this sound less like an app that could be used to avoid people and more like app for
stalking people? Seriously, this will be abused and used for that purpose. Best thing to do
is simply now use inane nonsense like foursquare check-ins. I never understood that rubbish.
Why do I want people to know where I am? This is a creepy app by the sounds of things. Moving on, This week HTC unveiled the long
discussed One M8 handset, their new flagship phone, could HTC be the mobile come back kid
this year? The HTC One M8 offers a 5-inch Super LCD3
display with a 1080p resolution with a staggering 441 pixels per inch, that’s all encased in
Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. The 2.3GHz Quad-core Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 330 graphics keeps
things moving underneath along with 2GB of RAM and either 16 or 32GB of internal storage. On the back of the device you’ll see what
looks like two rear cameras, in truth the opening at the top is a depth sensor, which
works alongside the camera to offer some nice post-production effects. The front facing
camera is also selfie-friendly if you will with a 5MP resolution. Along with the new
Sense 6.0 UI, the M8 comes preinstalled with Android 4.2.2 KitKat. Pricing for the 16GB
version starts at $199. And finally I will leave you with today’s
tech question: What is your primary gaming platform, smartphone, tablet, console or desktop?

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24 thoughts on “Tech News: HTC One M8 / ZTE Nubia X6

  1. What year is this?

    Those phones have better ram, processors and screens than my laptop.

    A – I just rebuilt my PC so I can play DayZ. That's my thing.

  2. It used to be my trusty PS2, but as I buy the parts for a new computer build, I think I'll be gaming (what little of it I do anyway) on that instead. I play a few games on my phone, but I tend to use it for other things mostly.

  3. The Pee See. I don't game religiously but when I do, it's on my desktop. I love classic games (DOSbox, ScummVM, etc., are godsends) but not so much this new trend of modern games being built like classic games (mostly indie devs) and a lot of mobile games are like that, so I don't do much mobile gaming. They're novelties for most casual mobile gamers but not for me. Perhaps I'm slightly old-fashioned that way. I'll still be using a keyboard and mouse on a hugemongous tower PC when everyone else exclusively uses touch on their dainty tablets or all-in-one PCs later this decade, with the way things are progressing. It's a difficult habit to shake after 21-22 years of desktop computing!

    For my modern gaming fix, it's the usuals, the blockbusters. Hey, I'm a sucker! Looking forward very much to Watch Dogs. Will be getting that on PC. Hopefully if GTA V comes out for the PC, that will be added to my collection. I have it for the 360 but I am looking forward to seeing what R* can (or can't!) do with it for the PC. Will the fuck it up just as bad as the IV port or have they a new internal mantra…"OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE…?"

    Anyone else here playing DayZ? I have it but I just haven't been ingame more than twice so far.

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