Tech News: Giant iPads & Invisible Helmets?

Hey guys it’s Dave, it’s been a while Since
I did a tech news update video, today is Wednesday the 20th of November 2013, so let’s run through
the major tech stories that have happened over the last few days. First up, an invisible bicycle helmet, yep,
you head that right, it’s not a joke, the Hovding, I hope my pronunciation of Swedish
is correct, was developed by founders Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. It’s basically an
airbag for your head that is worn around your neck like a scarf and utilizes a series of
motion sensors to detect when you’re about to hit your head off the ground after falling
from your bicycle. Again, this is not for use on a motorbike. Anyway, it inflates like
an airbag and protects your head and neck from injury. It’s battery operated and I’ve
included an annotation to the full crash test video below. Personally, anything that provides
cyclists with additional safety is a great thing, just as long as you’ve kept the batteries
charged at all times. This has been developed largely because many people find helmets too
bulky and unattractive to wear. The Hovding has been tested extensively and is currently
priced at just over $500 but as this is only a new invention, the price will no doubt tumble
down in no time. What would you think of such a device, is the Hovding something you’d be
interested in? Next up, The new MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 Game
Controller has been unveiled and works with the iPhone 5, 5c. 5s and 5th gen iPod Touch
via the lightening port. The device is held in place through a method MOGA calls SMRT
Lock Technology and will collapse down to an easy to carry size. As you might expect the controller offers
two analog sticks, L1 / R1, L2 / R2, a directional pad, and the usual 4 main action buttons,
Y,X,A and B. A number of game developers are expected to begin producing games with support
for this controller soon. Moving on, all this talk of super smartphones
and tablets could make someone think that Ultrabooks were already dead. Well, Toshiba
will certainly try to remind you they still exist with their new Dynabook Kira V654 that
boasts a battery life of more than 22 hours on a single charge. Now someone go tell Apple
that, that’s what I call an all-day battery, or at least pretty damn close. Specs are pretty
standard with a 1.6Ghz – 2.6Ghz Intel Haswell Core i5 on offer along with 8GB of RAM and
a 128GB SSD. It’s a 13-inch laptop with a pretty outdated resolution of just 1366 x
768, I don’t know how many times I used to talk about laptops with that resolution but
it happened a lot in 2011. The low res is all part of the battery saving however, as
the Dynabook Kira V834 model provides a 2560 x 1440 res with only 14 hours of battery life. Anyway, this V654 model will set you back
$1450. And finally, Could Apple be about to release
a 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2014, according to Mac Rumors an official at a Korean Apple display
supplier has spoken to The Korean Times and stated that a larger form factor iPad featuring
a near ultra HD display will make its debut next year. For some time now we’ve heard numerous whispers
about Apple’s ongoing testing of alternative screen sizes for their iPad lineup. A larger
form iPad may seem a tad unwieldy to some and would make Apple a first mover in an entirely
new consumer Tablet segment. Could a 12.9-inch tablet (effectively the size of a notebook
display), be a suitable replacement for a laptop or desktop machine? At present this
story remains conjecture but we will wait and see how this develops in the coming months.
So that’s where I’ll leave today’s tech question: What would you think of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro?

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28 thoughts on “Tech News: Giant iPads & Invisible Helmets?

  1. If they end up making up a 12.9 inch iPad, they better also update iOS so that the home screen supports more icons. 4×5 already looks like a waste of space on the 9 inch iPad, it would just look hilarious on a 12.9 inch display. 

  2. Like all iPads, it's just to make you spend money when you already have a perfectly suitable iPad, so I don't care for a tablet that size

  3. The helmets look very cool. I think they will sell big time as the price drops. 

    Apple can keep the monster iPad. I'll stick with my MBP retina. I would not carry the big iPad with me…fear of it breaking and why would I want it at the house when I have an iMac 27" and a MBP retina? It might work as a severing tray for TV dinners! 🙂 Hungry man…yes, I'm old. 

  4. i like it…i think increased more desktop expeience would be nice as well so could be used as a laptop as well as tablet, and much larger stoorage capacity like 2-300 gb and more external support say lightning or usb 3 port?

  5. 12.9 inch, for a tablet? Lol. If they called it an ipad pro that would even be more of a joke. There is nothing pro about mobile operating systems, if you need to get work done you want a full desktop OS.

  6. If they were to release a 12 inch iPad, then they should make a hybrid OS that works more like a laptop/desktop OS (ie: true multitasking with windows, access to files without needing a laptop/desktop, etc.), but that also resembles and offers the advantages of a mobile OS (ie: true multi-touch compatibility for apps and the OS in general). I think that would be what Apple could do to stand on top of the market as the most innovative company again…

  7. A larger ipad could be a really good supplemental device for content creators. Artists, musicians, and video editors would probably love the extra screen real-estate to go along side their desktop computers. Perhaps it would bring true multitasking as well.

  8. The Hövding looks really promising. Looking forward to a lower price point on it. 

    The big iPad seems like a less useful idea. Especially with the way iOS works, and manages multitasking. Cause it would essentially be a laptop replacement with optional keyboard with a screen that large. 

  9. The helmet certainly looks like a great idea, assuming that all safety aspects work just as well as a conventional helmet – I would certainly wear one.

    As for the 12.9" iPad – if it did come about, it would simply be turned into an 'ultra-convertible' ala the Surface and Surface Pro with different 'cases' turning it into a laptop that could be used as a tablet on the rare occasion you want to impress someone, all the while exclaiming that you have a tiny penis.

  10. Personally, I think a 12 inch ipad might be a little to big and bulky. 10 inches is a good size, but anything over just seems a tad bit too big.

  11. 12.9" iPad pro seems very limited if running iOS. With OS X it could work so it sounds like just a touch screen mac. I'm sure Apple would change the OS to suit but and it will be neither iOS and OS X. Birth of the MacPad? 

  12. I think that only 129 people will buy the 12.0 inch. iPad pro because it's the size of A FRIKEN WINDOW… Well, the window in my car. Also, how the hell do you call that portable?

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