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hey everybody welcome back to Chris on tech I of course am Chris and today we’re going to talk about another one of my favorite areas of tech and that is automotive tech the first step we’re going to talk about the 2020 Porsche 911 and their new system to help prevent hydroplaning so in a nutshell Porsche has developed a new system that embeds sensors in the front wheel wells of their 911 that listen and sense for the interaction between your tires and water calculating the whole time and when you’ve hit a certain threshold of intensity with that interaction it alerts you that you are close to possibly hydroplaning so you can activate wet driving mode and avoid a very dangerous situation this is my favorite kind of technology because it’s it’s small in a lot of ways but the impact it has is huge because hydroplaning is dangerous and only is dangerous to the driver but everyone around them so having something like this that makes driving safer is fantastic so great job Porsche next up we’re going to talk about Toyota and their research into autonomous driving and assisted driving so right now the hot sexy buzzy thing to do is autonomous driving everyone and their mother is researching and tom is driving from Google to Apple and while that’s great and something we need it’s just years off because of regulation at the least I mean not just the technology maturity but the regulation maturity is just gonna slow this down to a crawl and in the interim we still need to be safer on the road which is where assisted driving technology comes in and that is what Toyota is really putting a lot of time energy into and that is fantastic their system is called Guardian Toyota Guardian and it’s just a collection of sensors and AI to help you as the driver be more reactive responsive and safe when you’re behind the wheel which makes everyone else on the road safe as well so fantastic I’m really looking forward to seeing how that works and how it if balls and finds its way into other cars not only the Toyota line but if it becomes successful every car manufacturer will probably do a version of it in their cars from 2021 or so on as a stopgap between now where we have a completely driver focused system to an autonomous a I focused driving system so fantastic developments ok next we’re going to talk about probably my favorite item in this video and that is GM C’s new rear view camera system that lets you look through a trailer attached to your heavy duty Sierra so the 2020 Sierra heavy duty will have a fantastic camera system just out of the box 14 or 13 cameras it’s pretty crazy but if you opt for the optional trailer cam you obviously get 14 or 15 cameras instead of the lower number but what it allows you to do is take an image that is captured at the end the back of your trailer feed it into your system at your nav at the the dashboard and then that is superimposed on the front of your trailer so you can effectively see through it while you’re driving as if you’ve never driven with a honking trailer on the back of your car you don’t know how exciting this is as someone who’s done that a number of times and felt the anxiety of having almost like a universal blind spot behind me it’s just fantastic the need to know what’s going on around your vehicle is so important and becomes almost impossible when pulling a large trailer like that so fantastic work from GMC on implementing this and you know it’s it’s cool because it’s right out of science fiction you know seeing through an object and I mean the Iron Man putting cameras on his plane so they turn invisible I mean it’s a fit it’s essentially that technology but applied to making a safer space on the road so fantastic work GMC and I’m really excited to see how this develops and makes its way into other cars in ways that we haven’t even imagined yet so very exciting so lastly we’re going to talk about flax made super cars and yes I am talking about the seed that you probably ate in your granola this morning in a smoothie this afternoon and it’s probably on your salad this evening Portia apparently has developed a material to replace carbon fiber made from flax seed now this besides just being wacky crazy cool the main reason that this development is exciting are for sustainability energy consumption and ease of use carbon fiber is incredibly difficult to make making this flax paste panel is 75% less energy intensive than the same amount of carbon fiber not only that if you want to reuse that carbon fiber you have to heat it to just intense levels to melt it down into a form you can repurpose it whereas the flax panels you can just grind them into a powder or dust and then they can be reconstituted and used somewhere else not only that it’s a much more sustainable product because it’s made from a natural source you just grow it as opposed to all the chemicals and things that are needed to create carbon fiber so a fantastic development by Porsche and I think a wave of the future because I believe the article states that they are researching all kinds of natural plant-based replacements for some of the dirtier things that they use today in their car manufacturing so fantastic development on that not only for the environment but just for us as consumers because you get all the benefits of carbon fiber it’s strong it’s light durable and you don’t have to worry about the effect creating that material is having on the planet so great all around ok that’s it for me we’re done here you can just skedaddle if you want but before you do if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you didn’t you go ahead and give it a thumbs down it’s free to net I won’t hold it against you if you have any questions about things we’ve covered or suggestions for things for me to cover in the future go ahead and put them in the comments below as all is links to everything I talked about are in the description and if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and do that I hit the notification icon if you haven’t because YouTube is bad at telling you when I upload things uh yeah so I think that’s it for me I will see you guys in the next video have a great day you

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