Tech News: Did Apple do the right thing?

Hey guys it’s Dave from Computing,
in today’s video I’m going to talk about the Tech Stories that have been making waves for
this week, Thursday 22nd of May 2014. First up, was the very big and unexpected
news that Microsoft introduced their new Surface Pro 3 tablet in New York this week. We all
expected to see a smaller 8-inch Surface but that didn’t happen. Instead we got this larger
12-inch device with a 2160 x 1440 resolution display and an even greater viewing area than
a 13-inch Macbook Air. In addition, the new keyboard offers a trackpad
that is 68% larger than its predecessor. What’s even more impressive is that despite being
2-inches larger in screen size, thanks to its form factor being just 0.36 inches thick,
it weighs only 800 grams, which is less than the 10-inch Surface Pro 2. The specs have also received a speed bump,
with a new Core i7 processor, up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. The new
kickstand allows you to place it at any 150-degree angle you like. There’s a newly redesigned
stylus, with enhanced functionality within OneNote, a USB 3 port, front facing speakers
and an optional docking station that allows you to output to a 4K monitor.
However, the pricing is less impressive, the entry level Core i3 model with a 64GB SSD
and 4GB of RAM will set you back $799. The highest end configuration with a Core i7 processor
costs $,1949. I think this pricing structure was a big mistake, Microsoft had an opportunity
to really swing the convertible tablet / laptop market in its favour and may have compromised
their ability to capitalise on a great product. Next up, Apple has lost their top spot in
the world’s most popular brand rankings to Google. According to Research Company Milward
Brown, Google jumped ahead of the Cupertino Tech company following a 2014 brand value
increase of 40% for a total of $158.8 billion. Apple’s brand value dropped 20% this year
to $147.9 billion. So do these rankings really mean anything? Well, the reasoning behind
Google’s growth is believed to be related to their advancements in artificial intelligence,
wearable gadgets and of course Android. These innovative products are very demonstrable
to consumers, where as Apple seem to be churning out much of the same old stuff. Of course,
WWDC 2014 could change all this, if they are able to produce the good next month with some
interesting developments of their own. And finally, a weird story that should really
make people sit up and think for a second. Apple recently pulled a game from their App
Store called Weed Firm, an iOS game in which the player controls a character responsible
for growing and selling Marijuana. According to the developer, Manitoba Games, the game
was removed by Apple most likely because of a violation of their terms of service. The
game was popular and Apple were possibly objecting to the game’s illegal activities. It’s expected
that the game will return in a watered down form. But here’s the thing, illegal activities
in a video game are not illegal activities in the real world, secondly, if video games
with illegal activities are not allowed on the App Store, then why are violent shoot’em
ups allowed? Hitman and Grand Theft Auto are still there and they depict all manner of
violence. The reason here is, in the United States, Apple is being Paternalistic, this
is nanny state thinking. We all know that Marijuana is illegal in most of the United
States, and I’m not getting into a morality debate about whether it should be or not,
I don’t support the use of drugs at all, but the problem really is Apple are suggesting
that games in which you murder people are fine, but games about selling a drug that
is basically no worse than Alcohol and less dangerous than cigarettes, that’s wrong. Seriously,
I cannot for the life of me understand their reasoning here. But it would be very interesting
to hear your opinions in the comments below. What do you guys think, Did Apple do the correct
thing by removing Weed Firm but violent games depicting murder remain?

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24 thoughts on “Tech News: Did Apple do the right thing?

  1. I don't think they did the right thing, it really is just because the game involves farming a drug, by that logic they should take Super Mario off too because it involves taking mushrooms.

  2. Definitely shouldn't have been removed. I can't see any reasoning. Can you smoke marijuana in GTA?? I know you can in the console version.

    and dam that surface looks good.

  3. I'm quite impressed with the new surface pro, I'd really like to get my hands on one. However, it's still way too expensive :/ For that price I'd rather get a fully functionning laptop and a decent tablet… 

    As for Apple, well they're action paternalistic as usual, nothing surprising here, it's just stupid

  4. I've had it with Apple deciding for me what I can and cannot do while charging me three times the money for their inferior products. I'm never buying any Apple products ever again. 

  5. Double Standards: The surface Pro 3 Is what Apple should have done with the iPad. The Surface Pro 3 is a better product than the iPad hardware wise. Let's hope there is no tax evasion going on still.  😉

  6. I don't believe they did the right thing. I don't agree with the selling and usage (other than for medical use) of marijuana. However, it's just a game and by Apple's logic they should remove all games with illegal activities.

  7. How immature to block a game about a drug, but allow killing and other inhumane activities to persist.

  8. I don't really think we can judge how valuable Apple is for this year considering they've only released a cheaper MacBook Air…

  9. Man, the overall quality of your videos has really gone up. It just hit me. A year or two ago they weren't nearly as smooth and streamlined as they are today. Keep up the good work.

  10. Their reasoning is that weed is controversial and they're scared of negative publicity, whereas violent video games are so common that nobody will think twice.

  11. It's ridiculous. Just keep in mind that the great Steve Jobs tried several different drugs and didn't make a secret out of it.
    Though your point about the violent games is the best argument. Thanks for the vid, Dave

  12. OMG r u irish. I'm irish. It sounds weird but not a lot of Irish are youtubers. Soz if ur irish, not I just wasted your time. If u are COOL!! Love ur vids!!!

  13. +with all success it wouldn't be bad if Apple paid higher salary, just to show something like "If we are successful, those who work for us don't practically go down, while those who at the same time get most of the money go up". So it wouldn't look a bit like "slavedrivers rule and they are creative", because specialisation works in a way they are never creative, just steal, rob, or blackmail.

  14. I don't care what Apple do because I don't like, buy or support their products. They can only harm their brand further by doing this kind of stuff so that's fine with me.

  15. Apple is not saying, murder is ok, but selling pot is not, first off, murder in video games have been around since video games were invented, don't believe me?, every Call of Duty game, every Halo game, every GTA game, hell even space invaders was violent, I mean hell I'd rather my kid play call of duty then play a game that teaches you how to SELL POT, and you people have to know by now that almost every kid has an iphone or an ipad and most of them know their parents iTunes password, so before you blame apple for encouraging murder over selling pot, think for a sec and ask yourselves, Would I want my kid playing a game that teaches you about a drug and how to sell the drug, or be playing a game that teaches you about war or fighting the bad guy or killing the bad guy, oh and I know half of you that read this are going to say, "he's just defending apple because he thinks that apple is number 1 and blah, blah, blah, blah , no bullshit, you really need to think before you say shit!

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