Tech News: Apple CarPlay & Microsoft Cortana

Hey guys it’s Dave from Computing
it’s Tuesday March 4th 2014, time now to talk about the latest tech stories. First up it’s
absurdly ridiculous news, Last Thursday, the California appeals court declared that it
is now legal for drivers to read digital maps on their smartphones while driving. This is
in spite of that fact that state law restricts use of phones while driving. What the hell?
The justification is that a man named Steven Spriggs was issued a $165 ticket for using
a map on his iPhone because he was trying to find an alternative route to avoid roadworks.
Because of what sounds like a bit of a legal loop hole, drivers are now permitted to look
at their phones while driving as long they’re not talking on them, which is insane because
looking at your phone has got to be significantly more dangerous then holding it to your ear. The stupidity of the law makers becomes more
apparent when you consider that now people will surf the web, use Facebook and send text
messages like they always have and now avoid fines by telling the police officer that they
were using maps, right before they got pulled over and he has no way of proving them wrong.
Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to any unfortunate accidents. Moving on, and keeping on the car theme, Apple
have unveiled CarPlay, which it calls, “The best iPhone Experience on four wheels”. It’s
designed to provide improved connectivity between the driver’s car and phone. It will
be available on select cars in 2014 and is a smarter and safer way to use for iPhone
in the car. It takes all the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and places
them into your car’s built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive
messages and listen to music, while staying focused on the road. These are some of the manufactures currently
supporting carplay and later these ones will also join in. Next up, Cortana is coming to Windows Phone!
you know Cortana, the artificially intelligent character from Halo. This will be Microsoft’s
answer to Siri and will not only take over from their exiting Bing Voice Search but will
have its own personality and interact with you just like Siri. It’s due to arrive in
Windows Phone 8.1 and although this seems like just a clever marketing trick, it might
seriously entice people to buy a Windows Phone, especially if Microsoft can integrate her
into a full Xbox, Windows desktop and mobile experience. if for nothing else, it should
prove popular with a generation of teenage boys who now have the opportunity to develop
that unhealthy relationship with a hot fictional CGI character they’ve always wanted. And finally Guys I’ll leave you with today’s
tech question: Who is your cable television provider?

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33 thoughts on “Tech News: Apple CarPlay & Microsoft Cortana

  1. Don't have a tv provider as the internet it 10 times more entertaining than tv, but my internet is provided by UPC (130mbs)

  2. I don't use television now, but here in this part of Canada we have two major tv providers.  (There are some smaller secondary ones if the big primary two don't reach your area)  Rogers Cable has been around the longest since it used to be primarily television. Bell is the second, which is funny because it's been around longer than Rogers but used to be just a home phone service. (now they're all TV, internet, home & mobile phone).  I preferred Bell satellite tv to be honest, but since I moved I dropped it to save money.  Right now I watch so little television, I just download what I want to watch via internet. LOL 

  3. Verizon fios. Its alright. I just recently switched to the galaxy s4 last friday best phone I had in a long time. My first android phone too.

  4. I disagree with you on this one Dave.

    Using google maps is just as safe, if not safer then using a real map. For one I can actually see the windshield around it.

  5. Time Warner – for a few more months.

    Reading maps on a smart phone is leagal in the U.S.?  Well, we did use BIG paper ones across the dash and steering wheel years ago when driving!  lol. 

  6. Dedicated GPS units are allowed, so the argument is why not with a phone if it's doing the exact same thing? I think an improvement would be for the law to stipulate that the phone be mounted in a hands-free holder similar to the way GPS units are.

  7. Videotron (Quebec, Canada)
    I basicaly got tv to get cheaper unlimited dowbload at 30 mb/s

    As a tv service its not bad. You can access a on-demand section and there is quite a bit of "free" stuff in there. (Should be all free in my opinion since I'm paying for the service, but they are not quite there yet)

  8. UPC for Internet and I ditched their TV service in favor of Netflix and other sources for TV on my PC, which is cheaper but also you can watch whatever the hell you want whenever you want!

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