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Hey guys Brainy Here with a brand new video
and this is another episode of Tech News. The Weekly video series on this channel where
I give you the full rundown of some of the most important and trending tech news of the
week. Keeping you informed with what you need to
be. So with that being said, let’s get into
the video. First Up let’s talk about Ryzen 5. As the name suggests, Ryzen 5 sits between
Ryzen 7, which was launched in March 2017, and Ryzen 3, to be launched in Q2 2017. As you may know, Ryzen 7 was recently released
and all the specs and comparisons have gone out into the public domain. But with Ryzen 5 we have something that’s
a little bit different. The Ryzen 5 goes in direct competition against
the Intel Core i5 chip in both price and performance. There are four main models of the Ryzen 5
and those are the 1600, 1600x, 1500x, and 1400. As for price, TDP and CPU cores I’ll provide
all that information on screen. But just let me talk a little bit about Specs. The flagship $250 Ryzen 5 1600X offers six
cores and 12 threads – a specification that will cost you over $410 with Intel’s Core
i7-6800K. The Ryzen 5 1600X not only appeared to offer
similar performance to the Intel CPU, but it beat the more expensive Core i7-7700K as
well, even when the latter was overclocked to 5GHz according to leaked performance numbers
from in February. And it seems to me that Ryzen is going all
out against Intel here with their newest processors. They’re powerful, cost effective and honestly
some of the best chips that you can get on the market. I’ve got Nothing against intel here, but
Ryzen is seriously going all in. Onto our next news bit, Xiaomi’s Mi 6 is coming
next week. It really seems to me like April is the month
for Top Smartphone releases and announcements and April is also the month for The Xiaomi
MI 6. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is now officially scheduled
for an April 19th launch, and a premature benchmark run would appear to have provided
an early indication of what to expect under its hood. A 5.1-inch 1080p doesn’t immediately sound
impressive, but the Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage further
down the spec sheet all point in a happy direction. There have been further leaks indicating a
5.7-inch Mi 6 Plus model in the works as well. Onto other really cool news is seems that
Qualcomm is firing back at Apple and suing them. If I remember correctly Apple went against
Qualcomm earlier this year and kinda sued them. But this time the tables have turned. Qualcomm filed its Answers and Counterclaims
to Apple’s January lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of California. The company has five key complaints — including
the claim that Apple deliberately didn’t use the full potential of Qualcomm chips in
iPhone 7 phones so that they wouldn’t perform better than the modems provided by Intel. Qualcomm says that Apple “chose not to utilize
certain high-performance features of the Qualcomm chipsets for the iPhone 7 (preventing consumers
from enjoying the full extent of Qualcomm’s innovation),” and when Qualcomm iPhones
supposedly outperformed Intel iPhones, “Apple falsely claimed that there was ‘no discernible
difference’ between” the two variants. The company also says that Apple prevented
it from revealing to customers “the extent to which iPhones with Qualcomm’s chipsets
outperformed iPhones with Intel’s chipsets.” As part of its five core arguments, Qualcomm
says Apple “threatened” it to keep quiet about the differences between Intel and Qualcomm
iPhones, preventing Qualcomm from “making any public comparisons about the superior
performance of the Qualcomm-powered iPhones.” Other complaints in the countersuit include
claims that Apple breached and mischaracterized agreements and negotiations with Qualcomm,
encouraged attacks on the company in a number of markets by misrepresenting facts and making
false statements, and interfered with Qualcomm’s existing agreements with other companies. SO there’s a bit of a feud right here. Moving on Cadillac takes aim at Tesla’s
Autopilot with ‘hands-free’ Super Cruise technology, available this fall. Starting this fall, the new Cadillac CT6 sedan
will be the first car from GM to include Super Cruise, the highly automated (and hotly anticipated)
driving technology. With a combination of cameras, sensors, and
mapping data, Super Cruise will allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel during highway
driving. Cadillac says Super Cruise represents “the
industry’s first true hands-free driving technology” — a clear shot at Tesla and
its semi-autonomous Autopilot system. What Super Cruise won’t allow, though, is
for the driver to get in the backseat and watch the car drive itself — as some Tesla
drivers did before the software was updated to require the driver’s hands remain on
the steering wheel. The CT6 comes with a driver-facing camera
attached to the top of the steering column using infrared light to track head position
and determine whether the driver is paying attention. If the driver attention wanders, Super Cruise
uses an escalating series of alerts to ensure the driver keeps his or her eyes on the road. And if you want to learn more about this,
as usual I’ll leave a link down below that you can check out for more information. Next up we have more news from Qualcomm. It really seems like Qualcomm is all over
the place these days, huh? BlackBerry is getting a huge refund from Qualcomm
after a royalty dispute. Qualcomm has to return nearly $815 million
to BlackBerry for royalties the Canadian smartphone maker overpaid between 2010 and 2015. The decision was made out of court as part
of a binding arbitration agreement. Qualcomm says it disagrees with the decision,
but the agreement is locked in and unable to be challenged. Interest and attorney fees will also be added
the total. The dispute was over royalties BlackBerry
paid in advance to Qualcomm, seemingly for use of Qualcomm parts or patents in its smartphones. BlackBerry argued that there was suppose to
be a cap on those royalty payments that didn’t get applied at the time, while Qualcomm argued
that BlackBerry’s payments were supposed to be nonrefundable. While it’s not clear exactly how the royalty
deal was structured, the settlement seems to show Qualcomm getting hit from yet another
side in what’s turning into a global fight against its patent business. Moving on, a new Leak reveals the next Moto
Z smartphone might have a dual-lens camera. Lenovo might be joining in on the dual-lens
camera trend with its upcoming sequel to the Moto Z. A purported image from @Slashleaks showing
the phone reveals a slightly different external design than the original; there’s now a
larger fingerprint sensor (like the Moto G5) and Lenovo’s logo has been added the side. The MotoMod connectors are in the exact same
place as last year, confirming the company’s plan to make the snap-on modular accessories
compatible between current and future Moto Z phones. Same goes for the camera — but this time
there are clearly two lenses. The Moto Z remains an impressively thin phone,
and the overall familiarity of this design extends to the display. It looks… the same, so don’t expect to
see Moto follow LG and Samsung in shrinking down that top bezel and bottom chin. Interestingly, @Slashleaks refers to this
device as the Moto Z2 Force. Last time, the “Force” model was the thicker
of the two with a shatterproof screen. This one is very svelte despite apparently
carrying the Force branding. Lenovo hasn’t yet announced the next-generation
Moto Z. The original phone launched last June, so
you’ll probably have to wait a few more weeks before finding out which approach the
company has taken for its dual-lens setup and everything else that’s new. And finally for today, Microsoft has announced
a hardware event for May 2nd in New York. Microsoft is planning to hold a special hardware
and software event in New York City on May 2nd. After weeks of rumors over Microsoft’s plans,
the software maker started emailing out press invites today. It’s also possible Microsoft may take this
opportunity to reveal the hardware design of its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio, just
ahead of its E3 event in June, or a successor to the Surface 3 which was designed with students
in mind. Other rumors suggest Microsoft could opt to
unveil its Windows 10 Cloud operating system, an alternative to Chrome OS that runs Universal
Windows Apps. ZDNet reported this week that Microsoft’s
event is codenamed “Bespin,” a fictional Star Wars planet that includes a “Cloud
City.” Sources also tell claim that this event will
be focused on education, so expect to see any hardware or software be connected to how
it can be used in schools. Thanks for watching this episode of Tech news. As usual if you wanna check out any of the
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