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Apple will release second-generation in
second half of 2018 it was only a matter of time before Ebel would end up
releasing a second generation of its wireless air pods
the tech giant would be releasing a better variant of these air pods in the
second half of next year new air pods could be arriving in the improved air
power inductive charging case for seamless
wireless charging there the current generation their pods come with their
own degree of flexibility there is always room for improvement that the
company can employ when looking to introduce a successor down the road
according to Ming Chi Kuro Apple will be releasing them in the second half of
2018 these upgraded air pods could come with their own inductive charging case
allowing users to effortlessly provide them with juice without having to insert
them in a case we would also like to mention that the upgraded functionality
of the upcoming air pods might also fetch a price tag that is higher than
159 would you purchase a pair of these in the future tell us down in the
comments we’ve already seen Microsoft’s meticulously detailed patent
illustrations for a handheld dual screen tablet or phone but now if they have
been made into something far more beautiful designer David sprayer has
used those patent images to create an incredible concept for what might and
probably should end up being a surface phone or other phablet light computing
device the 3d concept art is nothing but a designer’s dream of what such a device
should be but it nevertheless fuels the long-running hype around a surface phone
device as seen in the patent images are now in 3d the device will have two
displays sandwiched between covers which become a single display when the device
is opened up flat like a book France gives whatsapp a month to stop sharing
data with Facebook the French regulator notice that what app was sharing user
data like phone numbers to Facebook for business
intelligence reasons France said that while the notice was issued to Facebook
it’s also meant to advise users that this massive data transfer from whatsapp
to Facebook was taking place the only way to refuse the data transfer for
business intelligence purposes is to uninstall the application the search
giant Google is expected to introduce a new feature for Chrome users Google is
already testing a couple of them in the beta version chrome beta version 64 has
already been released and those who want to test it will be given the opportunity
to check out some of the new features Google plans to bring it to all browser
users in the coming weeks last Thursday chrome developers
officially announced that users can now update their browser and choose to mute
annoying autoplay videos on websites the update Chrome 64 beta also prevents
malicious redirects and a lot more goo-goo confirm that the update led to
chrome and improved pop-up blocker which is meant to prevent sites with abusive
experiences from opening new tabs or windows apparently most chrome users
complain that some sites includes links to third-party websites disguised as
play buttons synaptics to ship and display fingerprint sensors with VEVO
smartphones we have been fearing that VEVO is likely to launch a smartphone
with fingerprint sensor integrated into the display now a prototype vivo
smartphone boasting the N display sense or has been spotted online suggesting
that the smartphone that is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018 the
image reveals a vivo smartphone with an in display fingerprint sensor getting
unlocked with just a tap last week synaptics announced that it has begun
mass producing its in display fingerprint sensors then one of the top
five smartphone makers will be using this technology synaptics claims it’s
clear ID performs twice as fast as 3d facial recognition technology like
apple’s face ID and those depend on outdoor lighting condition to work well you

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